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This is the first time I managed to put a post on this new blog, Australian Children’s Poetry, designed by the wonderful Helen Ross. Check it out and please help to publicise it!

Australian Children's Poetry

This poem comes early in Goldie Alexander’s Young Adult verse novel In Hades (Celapene Press).

After stealing a car and driving recklessly, 17 year old street boy Kai and his young brother Rod, die. Here Kai is descending into the Underworld. The shape of the poem reflects his winding path.

13.   Really Dead.

 Asthe fog starts to clear

the path twists turns weaves

like a mountain trail

and I pick up speed

run like a ghost is chasing me.

(that’s a joke when I’m the ghost).

The track hollows out

stops at a swamp where mud bursts

into unexpected pools

bubbles up


lets off noxious gas

hurts my nostrils

stings my eyes

stinks like Dad’s farts

then deflates like a punctured balloon.

Here only weed & horny toed

mangrove-roots grow.

Sometimes I hear a faint

plop like a fish or a frog

but see only bubbles.


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