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Here are this week’s updates.



‘A meeting with Max Fatchen’ by Janeen Brian

Link at: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/articles/a-meeting-with-max-fatchen/

To view a list of all articles, click on the Articles heading.



Susan Stephenson who runs the blog site The Book Chook provides a link to her article ‘Ten Top tips to engage kids with poetry’.

Click on News or the link here for the direct link to her article: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/poetry-news/1359-2/


Poets A-Z

A new bio has been added to our growing list of talented Australian poets.

Katherine Gallagher

Link at: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/australianpoets/f-j-2/katherine-gallagher/

All listed poets can be viewed here or via the drop down menu (Poets A-Z).


That’s it for this week.


Di  Bates

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