Articles about Children’s Poetry


There are some wonderful articles about different aspects of children’s poetry by writers and poets such as Michael Rose, Jack Prelutsky and Maya Angelou on this site:

Some of the articles are as follows:

Nurseries of Verse The only way to grow poetry is to make it a habit. By J. Patrick Lewis

Mary Ann Hoberman: 2008 Children’s Poet Laureate Whether writing about llamas in pajamas or befuddled fauna, her poems are always about the puzzlement of language. By Michael Atkinson

Home Appreciation Homeschoolers are turning a million kids on to poetry—through fun, not homework. Here’s how you can do it too. By Susan Thomsen

Snip, Snip! A talk with the children’s laureate of Britain. Michael Rosen interviewed by Bruce Black

More than Mother Goose Poems for the kids in your life by Julie Danielson and Eisha Prather

Lunchbox Poems Bologna sandwich, apple juice, and a little rhyming wisdom by Julie Danielson and Eisha Prather

An Xceptional and Xuberant Poet Jack Prelutsky on the poems of X.J. Kennedy. By Jack Prelutsky

Thank Goodness It’s (Poetry) Friday It’s an online literary happy hour, without the drinks. By Susan Thomsen

Dragons Pulling Wagons The Children’s Poet Laureate on Karla Kuskin’s children’s poetry. By Jack Prelutsky

Thanks to Dianne Cook for supplying this information!


2 thoughts on “Articles about Children’s Poetry

  1. Hi Di,

    I’m loving the posts on your website! Congratulations on a great effort. Much appreciated.

    But, I’m curious as to how often you post an article or poem. The reason is, that in order to appreciate the posts MORE, I probably need a little extra space between the postings. As you know only too well, there is so much to read and do in this writing game and, believe me when I say I really want to get the best out of your well-considered and enjoyable posts. It’s simply a thought and I wanted to give you honest feedback. I hope you take it in that vein.

    Also, when I sent you the post about Max Fatchen, it should’ve included a little statement saying that this was a speech I wrote in 2004 for a Festival (Books Be In It) of which Max was a Patron. Hence the present tense. Also there was an extra line stating his life span was from 1920-2012. Somehow those important additions slipped off the radar when I sent it to you.

    I wonder if you consider adding a snippet to that effect in a later post, in case it caused some confusion with readers. Particularly those who are familiar with Max and his work.

    Thanks Di, Kind regards Janeen

    Janeen Brian Award-winning author website: facebook: email: postal: 11 Short Ave, GLENELG EAST SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5045 phone / fax: (08) 8294 5703 FEATURED BOOKS

    That Boy, Jack: A Notable in the Younger Readers’ category for 2014 CBCA Awards I’m a Dirty Dinosaur: Shortlisted for the Early Childhood category in the 2014 CBCA Awards Selected for Get Reading! 2013 Eddie Pipper: Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Awards, 2013

    From: Australian Children’s Poetry Reply-To: Australian Children’s Poetry Date: Wednesday, 7 May 2014 7:40 AM To: Janeen Brian Subject: [New post] Articles about Children¹s Poetry australianchildrenspoetry posted: “There are some wonderful articles about different aspects of children¹s poetry by writers and poets such as Michael Rose, Jack Prelutsky and Maya Angelou on this site: Some of the articles are as follow”

  2. Thanks for your comments, Janeen. Much appreciated.

    Re posts, whenever I receive material, I put it onto the site almost immediately. Perhaps I ought to do it once a week — it’s just that I have the world’s worst memory and find that if I don’t do things when I think of them, they invariably slip under the radar.

    Will fix up re Max Fatchen. But first could you please explain about the ‘extra line’: do you want that information added, and if so, where in the article?

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