Poem of the Day




Leaves have thousands of brothers and sisters

Leaves jostle and elbow one another

Leaves wave at the sky when it’s breezy

Leaves batter window panes on windy nights

Leaves have veins but never get varicose veins

Leaves never have to go on diets

Leaves abandon trees in winter and gather in piles in autumn

Leaves sizzle like steaks on a barbie when there are bushfires

Leaves make friends with fruit

Leaves are McDonald’s for hungry koalas

Leaves hate kerosene and matches.


© Dianne Bates


Note: I wrote this poem as an example to my child writing students to show them how they can think laterally about commonplace objects. The idea came from Steven Herrick’s wonderful poem, Walls, which I also display to students. Di

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Excellent poem, Di. And a great example for kids on how they can write on everyday things and make them memorable. x

  2. Today ‘Leaves’ is off to Providence U3A DIY POETRY. Will email response. Have sent it to my Mother in Ave Maria in Shepparton. She has Senile Dementia. Tonight we’ll talk about your poem. I ‘tuck her in’ every night! Regards Robyn Youl

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