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Perhaps you’ve tried a jaunty stride,

A country romp, a city stomp.

Do your legs swing and your arms fling?

Do you ramble and roam all the way home?

Do you step pigeon-toed when crossing the road?

Is your waddle so humble, it’s almost a stumble?


Hilaire Belloc, known for humour and rhyme,

Had something to say (no rhyme this time):

‘The walk is a series of potential falls

Countered by placing one foot forward.’

Now you’ve heard (quick sketch, last word):

Stroll or race or fall flat on your face!


Walking helps your lungs and heart

And keeps your brain alert and smart,

Enough words, enough talk,

   Get out there! Walk, walk!


Edel Wignell

© The Australian Society of Authors

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