New Children’s Poetry Site Launched


I have just launched a new poetry site for children called

It is a colourful site that will hopefully attract children and get them interested in poetry. I have some 30 individual poems that can be downloaded with colourful illustrations. I will be adding more soon. I also have two books of children’s comedy poetry available that can be ordered through the mail or can be downloaded to E-Book readers.

I have spent some 30 years writing comedy poetry for children. I have also written for other teachers, when they wanted a certain poem to go with a theme they were doing. I have also written specific poems for Poetry Recitals which involved  groups of 50 or so children competing against  other schools in the Hawkesbury area.

The most fun that I had as a teacher was dramatizing poems on stage. The children thus got completely immersed in the characters created for each poem. This is a most fruitful way of teaching poetry. Children never forget one of their stage performances.

In the coming months I will be adding comedy romps in the Outback Australia tradition, both poems and stories.

I hope you all enjoy my new website.

John Williams

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