Poetry Toolkit


The Poetry Trust is one of the UK’s flagship poetry organisations, delivering a year-round live and digital programme, creative education opportunities, courses, prizes and publications. Based in Suffolk and founded in 1989, The Poetry Trust is responsible for the world-class Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and its associated activities – the First Collection Prize, The Poetry Paper, The Poetry Channel and The Poetry Prom. The Trust is committed to delivering outstanding contemporary poetry to as many people as possible – at live events, in print and digitally online.

For more than a decade The Poetry Trust has been running creative workshops for teachers. This extensive experience has been condensed into a user-friendly new handbook – The Poetry Toolkit. This offers fool-proof recipes for teaching poetry in the classroom and is available free as a PDFdownload.

This new toolkit provides fun, adaptable, tried-and-tested exercises to get young people – and indeed people of any age – confidently writing poetry. Primary and secondary school teachers who kept on coming to our workshops have repeatedly said what a revelation it was to try writing themselves – putting themselves in the position of their pupils. Dip into the toolkit which is based on direct contributions from leading poet-tutors – including Mandy Coe, Peter Sansom, Jackie Wills and Anthony Wilson – for warm-ups and group exercises based on poem-jigsaws, photographs, eavesdropping and telling lies! Printed copies of the toolkit have been sent to all Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk schools who participated in the workshops.

Free download at http://www.thepoetrytrust.org/images/uploads/pdfs/Toolkit%20for%20Teachers.pdf

Thank you to Dianne Cook for providing this information.

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