Feds Axe Poetry


‘Poetica’ among programs axed in ABC cuts

Poetica, the ABC Radio National program ‘dedicated to the performance of poetry,’ has been axed as part of the cuts announced by ABC managing director Mark Scott on 24 November. The program, produced by Mike Ladd, aims ‘not simply to reflect on radio the rich world of poetry, but to re-create that world in radio terms, with generous use of music and sound to “place” the poems’.
Poetica is among several Radio National programs that will be discontinued due to the cuts, including Bush Telegraph, Hindsight, Encounter, Into the Music and 360 Documentaries. Scott also announced cuts to the broadcaster’s news services.


Bad news, eh? Sorry that poems have not been appearing regularly — this is due to computer problems (now fixed). Thank you to the wonderful Helen Ross who helped out again when needed. Di

3 thoughts on “Feds Axe Poetry

  1. Di. I’m deeply disappointed to know that the superb and relatively long-running ABC Radio programme Poetica is to be cut.

    When the mayhem starts, who knows where and when it will stop?

    From the start, Poet Mike Ladd has produced Poetica with flair and wonderment, a great tribute to poetry and the ABC.A Sad day for Australian poetry indeed..

    I hope people will protest.



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