Posting a Poem


Thanks to all of you who submit poems for publication on this blog. They are always needed and get posted so long as they are suitable for children (including teenagers). It doesn’t matter if they have previously been published and you still retain copyright. At this very moment I don’t have any poems (except my own) to post tomorrow. (This is a none too subtle hint!)

Thank you, too, to poets who submitted school and animal poems for my poetry anthology. The selection has almost been completed. All those submitting poems will be notified if their poem has been accepted (or, sadly, rejected). There are so many criteria for selection in an anthology and quality is just one (though the most important, of course). Those whose poems are to go into the anthology (to be published next year by Walker Books Australia) will be contacted by the rights’ manager in due course.

Dianne (Di) Bates

7 thoughts on “Posting a Poem

  1. Hi, Dianne

    I am wondering if it is too late to submit a poem for the anthology?

    Kind regards Tracey Atkinson

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi, Dianne I am hoping that it is not too late to submit a poem for the Anthology (Walker Books Australia). Please find my submission attached to this e-mail. To date, I have not submitted any of my work for publication, but would like to start submitting some of my poems to your site. I have just completed a BA (Extended Major in Writing, Minor in Literature) with the University of Queensland, and am keen to continue my writing for children. Kind regardsTracey Atkinson 15 Jan 2015 00:01:33 +0000To:

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