Words and pictures


sneakersAre you up for a creative challenge? Each week I’ll post a picture plus a word. They might – or might not – have any connection. Then it’s over to you to write a poem for children inspired by the word and picture. Send your poem to me at traffa-m(at)bigpond.net.au and I’ll post a selection on the site. I’ve made it really easy this week. Whenever I’m stuck trying to find the right word in a poem or a chapter in a novel simply isn’t working, I go for a walk along the beach path near our home. There’s something about getting physical that unlocks the block and the words flow again.

The word is: WALK

3 thoughts on “Words and pictures

  1. I wandered off to playYou took me into David Jones. I was six years oldWe caught the train from Riverwood, we got off at Town Hall.And in the cafeteria, you helped me fill my plate.You said, “Just stay beside me,”but then I walked away,I wandered off to play The shop was bigger than I thought; so much to touch and see.I found the toys: electric trains, a world of Lego scenes.You asked them if they’d help find a little boy my age.You’d said I should stay with youbut then I walked away,I wandered off to play I knew that I had lost you then and started feeling bad.A friendly shopper noticed me and asked why I was sad.“I think I lost my mother when I walked away.”“I was tired of standing thereand then I walked away,I wandered off to play” Walter de Jong Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 02:04:18 +0000 To: wdjong@hotmail.com

    • Love this Walter. I can remember wandering off at a beach in England many years ago when I was about 4 and then ‘losing’ my son in Big W about 35 years later when he was 3! Very emotive writing. Thank you

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