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by Allan Cropper




Will it never stop?

That dripping tap

keeps dripping









I hear every single drop.

That leaking tap

keeps nipping


nipping at my brain

while water keeps on dripping



down the drain



please someone make it stop.

That leaking tap



Is driving me insane.

Poem of the Day


Light and shadow

by Jenny Erlanger


The sun is low behind us

as we contemplate the view,

a vista to remind us

that we’re part of nature too.


We happily surrender

to the grandness of this spot

and know within its splendor

that we’re nothing but a dot.


Our shadows, in defiance,

take a more aggressive stand.

A family of giants

makes its mark upon the land.

  • Submitted in response to Words+Pictures #3
  • my kids



Poem of the Day

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I am fire

by Marsala Strachan

I am frightening.
I can be made from lightning.
One small spark brought me awake.
I am winding like a big red snake.
I am like a blood red wall.
I am the beast that ate it all.
My flames flickered, I crept.
I snickered and then … I leapt.
I am roaring.
Catching every bird that is soaring.

  • Marsala’s poem received a Special Mention in  the 12th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition. For full results click here.

News update

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Poetry readings

Here’s an article from The Guardian with links for watching some terrific short poetry readings for National Poetry Day – a project of Liz Brownlee, a National Poetry Day ambassador. People whose work has to do with light read poems about light. Thanks to Dianne Cook for this news item.


Winners of the 12th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition have been announced. In case you missed the announcement, you can find the full results here.

  • Somerset National Poetry Prize

Open to Australian secondary students under 19 years of age

Closing Date 11 December

Do you know a young person with a flair for writing poetry? This competition is being held in conjunction with the Somerset Celebration of Literature 2016. Its purpose is to encourage a love of writing poetry amongst secondary school students, to affirm it as a worthwhile literary pursuit and to stimulate excellence in writing. It also has the aim of inspiring and enriching youth literature. Category prizes of $300 plus flights to attend the festival. Full details here.

Poetry pointers

To rhyme or not to rhyme?

Where do you get ideas? How do you write a poem? Do poems have to rhyme? What makes it a poem if it doesn’t rhyme? Who publishes poetry? How do I become a children’s poet? What is your top tip for writers who want to write poetry for children?

These are among the myriad questions asked by writers who want to write poetry. How would you answer them? If you have a poetry pointer to share, email me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au

Poems wanted

Please keep submissions of poetry coming in for the Poem of the Day. Your submissions are much appreciated and I’m enjoying them immensely. If you’re a poet who is still thinking about whether to submit, please do! Poems are always needed and get posted so long as they are suitable for children (including teenagers). Previously published poems can be submitted provided you still retain copyright. Email traffa-m@bigpond.net.au

Articles, events, information and interviews

ACP is also happy to accept information about children’s poetry activities and events in Australia and overseas, poetry links, competitions, interviews with poets or publishers, poetry book reviews and relevant articles.

Poem of the Day

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Imagining the Life of an Earwig

by Helen Hagemann


Leave a door open long enough

and an earwig will enter. The kitchen

is the most popular to travel in.

Among insects a decision is made

(those of different species)

not to touch or pass by in the hallway.

An ant and earwig might come together

and part, safe in the knowledge

that when one leaves another arrives.

It’s the past meeting the future


Whichever direction an earwig goes,

it will be one fast step

from the swish of a dog’s tail,

or the pounce of a cat’s paw.

Outdoors, earwigs forage in drains, leaf litter.

They love the chemistry of winter air,

the heavy crash of rain, a blue sky when it stops.

Sometimes you find an earwig sleeping between

the sheets of the morning newspaper,

although a quick flap or roll

over discarded scraps

can be fatal.

Poem of the Day

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Bath time

by Sophie Masson


Soap-fish, soap-fish, slipping through my fingers,

Soap-dish, soap-dish, sailing like a boat.

Toothbrush, toothbrush, turning into long-ship,

Hairbrush, hairbrush, learning how to float.

Look! One hand’s a submarine,

The other a breaching whale,

My toes are pointed coral rocks,

There’s the splash of a dolphin’s tail!

My bath’s become an ocean,

And I’m the sailor bold

Who roams the wild blue yonder–

Until the water gets cold!

Poem of the Day

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Clearing cobwebs

by Jenny Erlanger


Mum said I shouldn’t worry

that I didn’t need the doc,

that I’d clear away the cobwebs

with a walk around the block


So I went and fetched my sneakers

and I did what I was told.

I grabbed my woollen beanie

and I stepped out in the cold.


The walk was quite refreshing.

quite a joy, I’d have to say

but it didn’t help at all

to make the cobwebs go away.


It might have been less trouble

if I’d gone into my room

and poked into the corners

of my ceiling with a broom.

Poem of the Day


Orang-utan Crying

by Ken Williams


Forest wakes,

Brand new day.

Mother stretching,

Orang-utans play.


Little-ones rolling,

Little-ones tumbling.

Little-ones swinging,

Little-ones fumbling.


A sudden rumbling,

Looks of worry.

Engines roaring,

Little-ones scurry.


Forest falling,

Can’t find cover.

Little-ones scampering,

Can’t find Mother.


Engines blaring,

Forest bare.

Trees smouldering,

Nothing there.


Engines ceasing,

Mother enraged.

Trucks retreating,

Little-one’s caged.


Sun setting,

Forest dying.

Earth shattering,

Orang-utan crying.


  • Highly commended in  the 12th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition. For full results click here.

Poem of the Day


Your door

by Walter de Jong


It was a new school, I was the young fool

It wasn’t long till I saw you

I made my mind up not to waste any time

till I first knocked on your door


You had a style, you had your smile

I wasn’t sure I had the nerve

I had a friend with me for moral support

When I first knocked on your door


I won’t forget that moment;

waiting for you to appear.

A look of pleasant surprise and…

then you asked me in.

Oh yeah!


That was the first time, but not the last time

That I was seen at your place

My parents ask me why I’m never at home

Since I first knocked on your door.


  • Submitted in response to the poetry challenge Words+Pictures #2 …


Photo: Neil Mulligan

Photo: Neil Mulligan

Poem of the Day



by Vanessa Proctor


We blow them in streams

across the yard,

some small and marble-sized,

others as big as baseballs.

Every bubble iridescent,

a perfect world of its own,

mirroring grass, sky,

occasionally our faces.

Bubbles glinting with sunlight

swirl skyward or

float to the ground.

Each one

a little miracle

before it pops.