4 thoughts on “Words+Pictures #5

  1. It’s a Long Way to the Top When You are Born a Snail!

    It’s hard to rock and roll a lot When you are born a snail. My goo connects me to this spot. I know it looks a bit like snot, But lose it, and I fail.

    I’d like to twist and jump and leap. Alas, it’s not my thing. All I ever do is creep. I’ll handle inclines very steep, But don’t ask me to sing!

    I cannot hold a microphone, Or handle a guitar. Speakers, amps, I do not own. I’m happy munching on my own. I’ll never be a star.

    But if it ever gets too loud, You yearn for breaking free From all that rock and rolling crowd, Remember me, for I’m not proud. Yes, come and talk to me.

    © Stephen Whiteside 05.12.2015

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