Poem of the Day


T for Tree

by Virginia Lowe


Straight trunk

Typical tree

Outstretched arms

Thick canopy

Leaves trap the sun

brilliant green

Dark brown trunk

A child’s drawing


Burnished silver

Polished gum

Dead, but shining

in the morning sun

Froth of regrowth

at its roots

Towers a silver

toasting fork

Branches curve tortuous

weaving and gliding

starting way up

the tall straight trunk

the architecture

fully exposed.


Architecture exposed,

even living.

Dull eucalypt green

Narrow leaves

loosely bunched

hang down to escape

the sun’s rays

Trunk bright pink-gold

Burnished by

morning sun


Huge animals

that hopped

Egg-laying mammals

with duck bills

The first Europeans

couldn’t believe

their own eyes

Painted what

they longed to see

Dark trunk

outstretched branches

thick canopy

typical (Northern) tree

starting with T.


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


Virginia says: I spent the first weeks of January in the mountains, Falls Creek (about 40 friends took over a ski lodge). Falls Creek was in the middle of a bushfire about 12 years ago, and is surrounded by bleached white dead trees – sad, but beautiful – and regrowing. I had several phrases in my mind, and the letter T sparked off contemplation about the comparison between Northern and Southern Hemisphere trees, and reactions to them.  It is my usual blank verse, short lines, with some half rhymes thrown in.



Poem of the Day


School holidays

by Myra King


Get outside and play you kids,

my mother said one day,

go climb a tree, or fly a kite,

just get outside and play.


But the tree is small,

the kite is broke,

it’s been raining here all day.

We have to stay inside today,

it’s far too wet to play.


We’ll have a look, the oldest said,

and find a middle ground.

We’ll channel surf the TV now

and see what can be found.


A show on rocks and mountain tops,

fresh air, and stuff like that

and here is one of flies in flight

and how to clip a cat.


Us younger ones are crying out

how boring are all those!

The oldest one just winks at Mum

and gets out raincoat clothes.


Myra says: Thinking about kids on school holidays and Mum wanting some peace and quiet. My sister was 10 years older than me and wise beyond her years.


Poetry Prompt #3

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The first two Poetry Prompts for the year have attracted a wonderful response. It’s been exciting checking my in box each day to see what’s turned up. Keep them coming! If you’ve missed a prompt, that’s okay, you can catch up any time you like as long as you put a note on your poem to that effect. Remember, too, this site is to showcase poems for children and encourage their love of poetry. Have fun, play with words. This week’s prompt is ‘Shapes’ so whether you write about shapes or shape your poem according to its subject is up to you.Send your poems to me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word document attachment and I’ll choose a selection to feature as Poem of the Day.

Happy writing!



Poem of the Day



By Bill Condon


 I’ve studied all the dinosaurs

That history’s unravelled,

And found a few new species

On the many roads I’ve travelled.


There’s the arrogant Ignore-osaur

That walks with head on high.

It does not even deign to look

As it trundles by.


The Badbreath-osaur has germs galore

And needs to brush its teeth.

The Crook-osaur is, for sure,

A crafty little thief.


The Bore-osaur is tedious,

The Brag-osaur’s a pain.

If nothing else, Umbrella-saurs,

Are handy in the rain.


I quite admire the Stutter-saur

It tries with all its might,

To master elocution,

But it never gets it right.


My favourite though,

I have to say, is bits of this and that.

Part brontosaur, part stegosaur,

Part giant pussycat.


I call it Jigsaw-osaur,

Its wonder never ceases.

I have a skeleton of one,

Though I’m missing vital pieces …


Poem of the Day


Under the Stairs

By Lynelle Kendall


In my very big house

There’s a very small room

That’s just the right size for me


It’s under the stairs

It’s got pillows for chairs

And a torch so my teddies can see


There we read and we play

And tell stories all day

You see, we don’t need too much space


It’s all that I need

And I’m happy indeed

When I’ve crawled into my secret place.


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #1Poetryprompt1


Poem of the Day


T is for TROUBLE

by Monty Edwards


T’s always starting Trouble as we very clearly see,

In Trains it must sit at the front, as selfish as can be,

Then when it comes to Taking Turns, of course it must be first,

As Time and Time again, in this, it really is the worst.


Its influence is very bad, of that there is no doubt,

For when there’s work for it to do we find it backing ouT.

A man named Ben was joined by T and instantly was BenT,

So gained a reputation that was never his intent!


Now people sometimes tell you, you should “mind your Ps and Qs”,

But when it comes to letters there’s another that I’d choose.

Its awfully bad behaviour’s bound to lead you into error,

So I’d advise: “Beware of T!” It truly is a Terror.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2






Monty says: My basic idea for the poem was to work with the actual letter T: its position in words and how it could be taken from or added to words to change them into new words. Although I could find lots of examples, for me it proved difficult to shape these into any sort of coherent narrative that could be taken literally, and also had a consistent rhyming scheme (which was my goal). I nearly gave up, but I found giving the letter T a personality helped focus my effort and gave the poem unity.