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Poem inspires

Sophie Masson’s poem Frosty School Morning was chosen as the inspirational text for the illustrators who will be competing in the New England Illustration Prize, a new award for emerging and experienced illustrators resident in New England.  You can read more about it here (and also see the poem) at

Sophie said the poem was very much inspired by a characteristic experience for children in New England. “I’m especially pleased because this poem was also set to music a couple of years ago for the 10th anniversary of the big regional musical event, New England Sings,” she added.  It was one of three poems commissioned for it. Here’s the link.

Special anniversary blog tour

The School Magazine is celebrating its centenary this year and Jackie Hosking of is organising a blog tour of Australian children’s poets who have had their work published in the magazines. The blog tour will be held on Monday, March 21 – World Poetry Day. For details on how to become involved contact Jackie here.

Poetry pointers

Where do you get ideas? How do you write a poem? Do poems have to rhyme? What makes it a poem if it doesn’t rhyme? Who publishes poetry? How do I become a children’s poet? What is your top tip for writers who want to write poetry for children?

These are among the myriad questions asked by writers who want to write poetry. How would you answer them? If you have a poetry pointer to share, email me at

Poems wanted

Please keep submissions of poetry coming in for the Poem of the Day. Your submissions are much appreciated and I’m enjoying them immensely. If you’re a poet who is still thinking about whether to submit, please do! Poems are always needed and get posted so long as they are suitable for children (including teenagers). Previously published poems can be submitted provided you still retain copyright. Email

Articles, events, information and interviews

ACP is also happy to accept information about children’s poetry activities and events in Australia and overseas, poetry links, competitions, interviews with poets or publishers, poetry book reviews and relevant articles.


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