Poem of the Day


Gordon’s having a growth spurt

by Ramona Davey


Gordon’s having a growth spurt

and he can’t make it stop.

It’s only in one leg,

so poor Gordon has to hop.


Over cracks in pavements

and over holes in roads,

over bubs in prams

and hundreds of cane toads.


Poor Gordon’s leg is tired,

his arms begin to flop.

His long leg drags behind

and cleans up like a mop.


He eats up all his greens

and tries all kinds of fruits.

But Gordon’s leg keeps growing

so he has to wear odd boots.


One day he finds a genie,

inside a golden lamp.

“Please help me out,” the genie asks,

“I’m starting to get cramp.”


Gordon helps the genie,

who’s grateful to be free.

“I grant you just one wish,

as you’ve been good to me.”


“I’d like the same length legs,”

says Gordon in a flash.

The genie grants his wish,

then hops off in a dash.


Gordon can’t believe his eyes,

something is still wrong.

His legs seem far away?

Oh dear, now both his legs are long!


So, be careful what you wish for.

Think of the words you say.

You may get what you asked for

in a very literal way!

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