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A Single Thought


A single thought

Sends a man up a mountain

Or across vast oceans

Into unknown lands.

A single thought

Helps to unlock science

An apple falls

And he understands.


A single thought

Is the birth of kindness

Or the start of a story

Or an idea grand.


A single thought

(like the one you’re thinking)

Is how many great things

In this world began.

Lynelle Kendall
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6

Poetry Prompt 6

Poetry Prompt #20

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Are you feeling creative? Are the words already chasing each other around in your head? I hope so because I can’t wait to see what you come up with in response to this one. It’s always a thrill to read the submissions to the weekly Poetry Prompt, so thank you for taking part in this creative exercise and please keep them coming. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed a prompt, you can catch up any time. Send your poems to traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word document attachment and add a personal note about why or how you chose to write this particular poem.

Happy writing!


Poem of the Day



Dancing the tune of the breeze

She lifts her coat sleeves –

And freezes as if in prayer

To breed in the shady leaves;

Green confetti in air.


On the rib-case underneath –

A waxy seam of leaf,

Tiny eggs, colour of cream

Are stuck with butterfly paste.

Blue lady lifts as a dream,

Leaving them, to hatch or waste.


Who knows where she goes

Blue butterfly mother?

© Dianne Bates


Poem of the Day

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The Prowler

by Monty Edwards


Do you see

the prehistoric prowler

lurking among the leaves

eager to devour

some helpless victim

insufficiently alert

to impending catastrophe?

You need neither fear

nor flee from

this reptilian rogue

for I find him exposed

as a harmless lizard.

  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #8


Author Comment: Guessing, but being unable to precisely identify the creature pictured in the prompt, I decided to use its identity as the basis for my poem.

Poem of the Day

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Colour War

In the garden

orange nasturtiums arrived

and went wild

taking on the whole bed

of Flanders poppies.

They clashed terribly.

The nasturtiums

made swift advances

crawling stealthily

through the proud

rows of nodding red

blooms heavy with

memories of far fields

and so many dead.

The poppies knew

what was coming.

“All’s fair in love and war,”

shouted the nasturtiums,

tumbling them

into disarray before

trampling them

into the bed

in bloody conquest.

Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #15


poppies copy

Author comment: Nasturtium  – a symbol of power and of conquest and victory in battle.


Poem of the Day





I was a pin


pull myself together.



I was a bulldozer


make the grade.


If I was a roof


be on top of things.



I was a poem


be well-versed.



I was a dictionary


know the meaning of life.



I’m a house and


thick as a brick.

Jill McDougall

Poem of the Day

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Dad’s Night to Cook


It’s Dad’s night to cook

And I can’t help a shiver.

What kind of yuckfest

Will he dare to deliver?


Last time, it was tripe

In an oniony sauce

With a side dish of sprouts

Boiled to green pulp of course.


Before that were brains

Fried in oil to a mush.

One taste and we gave them

A right royal flush.


Then kidneys and steak

In a pudding, you know.

He left out the steak:

It was kidneys and dough.


So now on the bench

Something slimy pink quivers

And into the bowl

Oozes blood in red rivers.


Dad says, ‘Don’t you fret.

There’s a feast in the making

Like you’ve never seen,

I mean truly breathtaking.’


He stirs and he sautés.

He toasts and he turns.

He dices and spices

And browns till it burns.


We stare at our plates

Dad says, ‘Please try a sliver.’

But whatever is it?

Erk, charred chicken liver!


‘That’s it’, says my mother,

‘Dad’s cooking will stop


Unless it’s a pizza

He buys from the shop.’


Dad seems kind of sad.

We’ve upset him, I think.

But then he turns round

And he gives me a wink.


It’s all been a fake

An ingenious plan…

One I must remember

When I am a man.


 Sharon Hammad

Poetry Prompt #19

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Poetry Prompt #18What’s this? That up to you and I can’t wait to see what poems turn up in my in box this week in response to this prompt. A round of applause to everyone who’s been submitting poems inspired by these prompts this year. Your work never fails to impress me. Please keep your poems coming in. Send submissions as a Word document attachment to me at traffa-m(at)bigpond.net.au and add a line or two about why you chose to write that particular poem.

Happy writing!


Poem of the Day


On a Whim


On a whim

one Friday

I decided to paint

the house blue

and yellow stripes

the car black

with white spots

the furniture a

subtle pale pink

my reluctant wife

swirls of green

and the street trees

a striking dull gold


I’d just finished

painting the undercoat

on a  patch of sky

when the police arrived

so I decided to paint

them as well

magenta and orange

it wasn’t what they

were keen on

but it was all that

was left in the shed

out the back

Glenn Ewing
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #8