Poem of the Day


Tonight I Will Not Close My Eyes


We have monsters in our house.


A man came today to spray them away.

I’m sure I heard the monsters laugh.


Right now they are feasting on walls and doors.

They’re gnawing and boring under the floors.


I am ten and in bed and they’re in my head.


Nibbling and wriggling,

ever closer to me.


We won’t ever leave while there’s still more to chew.

We’ll eat all the wood and then eat you!


Dianne Bates

Poetry Prompt 22Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22.

Dianne says: When I was a child living in the country, our home was demolished around as we continued to live in it. This is because the house was full of white-ants. I used to lie in bed thinking that the ants would eat me during
the night if I went to sleep. I was probably about 12 at the time. This poem
reflects my anxiety back then

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