Poem of the Day


Holiday Playground



Rambling round the ruins

Found in Greece and Rome,

We are merely tourists

Very far from home.

What it’s like to live here

We can only guess.

Is it full of interest?

Hear us answer: “Yes!”


Ruins tell us stories

Of a nation’s past,

But its former glories

Often do not last.

Wars and evil leaders

Good things can destroy;

Plagues and vile diseases

Steal a nation’s joy.



Rambling round the ruins,

Climbing steps and stairs,

Weaving through the columns,

We cast off our cares.

Here we hide from siblings;

Trick our dad and mum;

Once we were reluctant.

Now we’re glad we’ve come!


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #34

Poetry Prompt #34

Monty says: Children can turn even ancient ruins into playground equipment at will!



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