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A sparkling summer

Christmas is coming,

Our school year’s complete.

It’s time for admiring,

As we walk street to street.


On doors we see wreaths

of green and red  holly.

On  balconies, sleighs,

and Santas fat and jolly.


The streets are not dark,

Even though it’s late,

For blinking and winking

On tree, fence or gate

Is a string of sparkling LED lights.


Our suburb’s gone magic

With colours so bright

We’ll visit again,

A new street each night.


But I’m glad that the sparkling

Is a Christmas-time treat

Like presents and cicadas,

and too much to eat.


The year keeps on turning,

Christmas is almost over.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day

So tonight we’re all going

To the fireworks display.

Viv Nicoll-Hatton
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #50












Poem of the Day




A wiggle, a wobble

a scramble, a stumble

a nibble, a gnaw and a nip

a puddle of dribble

a bowl full of kibble

a trip and a slide and a slip

a tail that’s a’wagging

a small bottom dragging

a’scrapin’, a’scratchin’ and flinchin’

the tiniest paws

on the slipperiest floors

a pup on the tiles in the kitchen.

Allan Cropper

Poem of the Day

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Hoo hoo hoo, and he haw hay

laughed the Kooka on his way.


After him the magpies chased

winging past in reckless haste.


What was it that the Kooka heard

to cause the magpies get so stirred?


An ornithologist rushed to meet

a magpie walking on two sore feet.


‘I’m scared to fly,’ the magpie wailed

‘They laughed at me because I failed.’


He then limped on, a bird unique,

an unhappy agoraphobic freak.


© Margaret Pearce

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Hide and seek


I climb to the top, which is ever so high,

I straddle a branch with my head in the sky

and pause for a moment to contemplate why

I’d ever return to the ground.


I’m happy to sit here for hours, it’s true.

It’s great to have nothing specific to do.

I’ll sit and enjoy this magnificent view

until I am finally found.


If I were a bird this is where I would stay.

This view would be mine to observe every day,

a vast checkered quilt stretching out to the bay,

a truly spectacular sight.


The cows in the paddocks are tiny brown dots,

the cars just a series of bright coloured spots

and far in the distance are miniscule yachts,

their sails little  speckles of white.


The hours slip by as I gaze at the scene

of miniature houses surrounded by green,

a setting so stunning, so hushed and serene

that glows in the afternoon sun.


And now as the daylight is fading away

the colours below me are turning to grey

and thousands of sparklers have come out to play.

The evening show has begun.


A dog far beneath me has started to bark

and suddenly people flock into the park.

They’re busily rummaging round in the dark

and shouting wherever they go.


I’m sure something terrible must have occurred.

I’m straining to recognize voices I’ve heard.

I peer from my branch like a curious bird

at all of the action below.


And now, at the base of this towering pine

the dog I heard barking has started to whine.

I watch from this marvelous hideout of mine

as everyone heads for my tree


And suddenly everything’s perfectly clear.

I could be in trouble, I’m starting to fear.

I know why these hundreds of people are here.

I bet they’re all looking for me.



Jenny Erlanger

This was awarded third prize in the “Adults writing for children” category of the Toolangi Poetry Competition in 2015.








Poetry Prompt #52

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Here’s a lucky last poetry prompt for 2016 for those with a little time to spare and a yen to finish the year on a creative note. I hope you’ve all been enjoying these weekly prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed reading the wonderful submissions that have been turning up in my in box in response to them. I am always so impressed with what you create and I hope you will continue to contribute to ACP next year. It’s been such a pleasure reading and posting your poems. Send your submissions to me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word or Text document attachment and add a few lines about your writing process.

Happy writing!


Poem of the Day

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A Happiness Recipe


If you want to be happy

As happy can be,

Try not to keep asking

“What’s in it for me?”

Enjoy what you have,

(Perhaps quite a lot)

And give far less thought

To what you have not.


Be happy you live,

Be happy you grow,

Be happy you learn

What many don’t know,

Be happy to help

A person in need,

Be happy you’re loved.

That’s happy indeed!

 Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #23

Poetry Prompt #22

Monty says: Like adults, children can look for happiness in the wrong places and become disappointed and disillusioned with life. My aim in the poem was to offer a simple recipe for a different outcome.