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downsize_250_1000Big Silly, Little Sensible

Mike Lucas

Ginger Cat Publishing

ISBN 9780994559203

RRP $19.99

Reviewed by Teena Raffa-Mulligan


As the title suggests, this collection written and illustrated by Mike Lucas is a mix of silly and sensible poems, with most falling into the former category.

Poems range from the ultra-short to the super long and are sorted into sections such as growing up, animals, space and time, fairy tales and people. Most are accompanied by Lucas’s line drawings.

All are child friendly and Lucas clearly has the capacity to slip easily into the world of childhood.

The silliness will appeal to young readers, as will the farts poems and frequent use of invented words.

There’s a lovely sense of rhyme and rhythm in some of the poems, while others I found a little awkward to read aloud, which for me is always part of enjoying poetry.

It’s all about me, The not upside down poem, The exactly one minute poem and Don’t steal the scare from a grizzly bear are my favourites of the 99 poems featured in the collection.

Big Silly and Little Sensible makes playing with words and writing poetry seem like a lot of fun, so would be a useful addition to classroom resources.

The book includes some blank pages where young poets are invited to write their own poems.

Big Silly and Little Sensible is available here.

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