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The class photo

The photo man’s getting quite hot in the face,

he really is looking a mess.

He’s spent a whole hour trying to get us in place

but he hasn’t had any success.


Annabelle’s tripped over Christopher’s chair

and Bethany’s started to bleat

’Cause Ben spat his chewing gum into her hair

after stomping on both of her feet.


Emma keeps poking her tongue out at Rose,

Alison’s taking a nap.

The girls in the front are adjusting their bows

and won’t keep their hands in their lap.


Tom’s spilled the drink he’s been secretly slurping

all over the back of my neck

and someone above me keeps farting and burping.

The photo man’s looking a wreck!


He’s glaring at me and I wish I could hide,

he’s just about out of his mind.

But it’s hard to keep both of my hands by my side

when I’m poked in the ribs from behind.


We’ve finally stopped all the wriggles and squeals

but I’m not sure the photo’s still on

’cause the photo man’s suddenly turned on his heels

And he’s packed up the camera and gone.

Jenny Erlanger
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


Poetry Prompt #5

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Get set to create! It’s poetry prompt time. Monday certainly comes round fast, doesn’t it? I received a great response to last week’s Back to School prompt, with most poets going for a fun take on life in the classroom. What will you come up with in response to this photo? The traveling duo made me smile during a recent family visit to the zoo. I’m sure the picture will inspire some wonderful poems about travels, transport and journeying together. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed a prompt you can always catch up.

Please email your poems to me at teenawriter@gmail.com as a Word or Text file attachment and add a line or two about your writing process. NOTE THE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. 

Happy writing!



Poem of the Day


The New Ssstudent


Slithering, whispering

A snake came to class

Brightly glittering

Its scales like glass


Short, thick body

Banded with grey

Wiggling lure tail

Tempting for prey.


Terrible, horrible

It gave us a turn

But Mrs MacWinkle

Said, ‘It may wish to learn.’


Snake failed English

Again and again;

Snakes are not built

For holding a pen.


Snake could not learn

To decipher a map,

Of history and science

It knew not a scrap.


But to our surprise

That snake was able

To complete with a snap

The seven times table.


At sums and fractions

It couldn’t be greater:

Its mind was just like

The best calculator.


When we realised the truth

We could hardly be gladder:

Mathematics comes easy

When you are an adder.

Jessica Nelson
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4






Poem of the Day


A Letter from the Principal

Dear Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith,

I’m writing you this letter

because your son’s behaviour

isn’t getting any better.


His writing is untidy and

his spelling is a worry.

He’s often late and consequently,

always in a hurry.


His recent science project

nearly caused a school disaster.

The explosion covered twenty boys

in clouds of ceiling plaster.


He’s been with us for twenty years,

or is it twenty two?

Dear Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith,

just what are we to do?


He’s untidy and he’s silly

and he always acts the fool,

but still the students say he’s

the best teacher in our school.

Pat Simmons
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


Poem of the Day


First Day


Are you ready for a big tomorrow

listening, leap frogging,

growing learning’s wings?


Are you ready for a big tomorrow

singing, seeking friends,  perhaps

learning not to cling?


Will you notice as

your tomorrows become todays

patterned by

the daily school bell rings?


Will you find each day might

have a surprise

like a snake catcher visiting with

super thin snake skin?


Are you ready for a big tomorrow

As your school journey begins?


June Perkins

Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4



June said: With ‘First Day’ I started with the idea of a ‘big tomorrow’, and thought about yesterday, today, tomorrow, routines and surprises.

I also remembered a time when my son had a snake catcher visit his school and so the poem was born.






Poem of the Day

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Australia Day Fireworks


Explosions of colour burst out of blackness

In spattered circles of red and green

On the dark canvas of the heavens


Rockets streak skyward

Sending showers of silver stars

Above upturned faces


Children gaze open-mouthed

In awe and amazement

At the pyro technicians’ art.


Monty Edwards\
  • Submitted in response to 2016 Poetry Prompt #25

Poetry Prompt #25

Monty says: The explosions of bungers, jumping jacks and the humble Tom Thumb on “cracker night” in my childhood came immediately to mind with the prompt. Today’s fireworks are even more spectacular.



Poem of the Day


Advance Australia (un)Fair


I think it’s time our anthem changed,

there’s something very wrong.

That third verse must be rearranged.

to validate the song.


For those who’ve come across the seas”,

we can’t fulfill their prayer.

I’m really sorry, refugees.

We have no “plains to share”.

Jenny Erlanger