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Star Wishing

Space was a glittering,

Glamorous eyeful

So I wished for a star—

But I got a sky full.

They covered the floor

Like sparkling snow;

They lit up the house

With a dazzling glow.

They caught in my hair,

They filled up my lap;

They poured like diamonds

From the kitchen sink tap.

The Milky Way draped me,

A burning white shawl.

Constellations were bright

Works of art down the hall.

The Southern Cross

Pointed me onto the lawn.

I looked to the sky;

It was bare and forlorn.

So I wished them away;

They returned to the night.

I should not wish again.

I should not—but I might.

Jessica Nelson

Poetry Prompt #35

Jessica said: Star Wishing is my response to 2016 poetry prompt #35 (Stars). I read a lot of picture books and I’ve noticed that wishing for (and often getting hold of) a star is  a common theme. This made me wonder how things would go if instead of getting one star, the wisher got a galaxy’s worth.


Poem of the Day

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Outback Afternoon


The breeze coaxes

the windows open:


Windows as large as doors;

Windows as small as Nana’s china blue

dinner plates;


Windows of rainbow coloured glass

covered with trees and angels;


Windows frosted, so you can’t see through them,

textured and light grey.


The breeze beckons the windows open



knock, knock.


The breeze doesn’t care if they are latched


or pushed out

as long as

they open.


The breeze remembers when

windows had no glass

and were just open squares in

the walls and there was no air conditioning.



The breeze knows that some windows

are so clean and clear

that when they are closed

clueless birds fly into them.



Whoosh!  Ha, ha!

The breeze chuckles its cooling fresh breath

through open windows

into the outback houses

wishing for the end of summer.


© June Perkins
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #6


Poetry Prompt #8

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Get set to create! It’s poetry prompt time. Monday certainly comes round fast, doesn’t it? I’ve been receiving a great response to these weekly creative exercises. Checking my in box is always exciting. What will you come up with in response to this image? I’m sure it will inspire some wonderful poems on all manner of subjects. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed a prompt you can always catch up.

Please email your poems to me at teenawriter@gmail.com as a Word or Text file attachment and add a line or two about your writing process.

Happy writing!


Poem of the Day

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Golden Sands

Oh, the sky was blue and the bottle was green and the old wooden fence was brown.

I didn’t go into the sea that day for fear I would falter, and drown.

But would I have taken a chance on a dip, here is question for you,

If the fence had been green, and the sky had been brown, and the bottle had been a bright blue?

© Stephen Whiteside
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #7


Poem of the Day


Hot Summer


It’s too hot to play,

So I snooze in the shade.

Lazing in the cool

of a massive fig tree.

Nature’s air conditioning.


It’s too hot to play,

So I dive in the salty sea.

Waves tickle me,

refreshing my body.

Nature’s swimming pool.


It’s too hot to play,

So I sit in a sudden breeze.

Cooling my sticky body,

blowing my hair.

Nature’s fan.


It’s too hot to play,

So I eat a fat watermelon.

Refreshing my dry mouth

trickling on my face.

Nature’s most refreshing treat.


Karen Hendriks
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #7



Poem of the Day


Bubble Trouble


I’ll tell you the trouble with bubbles:

They burst like a punctured balloon

As they fall on a sharp piece of rubble,

Or they fail on their flight to the moon.

It’s useless to try to collect them.

They’re not like a coin or a stamp.

For the hand that you raise to protect them

You’ll soon find is feeling quite damp.


Yet bubbles, you’d better believe it,

Can actually be lots of fun.

You can catch them and snatch them

And quickly despatch them

Until you have burst every one.

You can chase them all over your garden.

You can watch them drift over a wall.

Though you run like a hare,

As they’re mostly just air,

When you search you’ll find nothing at all!


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


Experienced children’s poet wanted

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June Perkins wants to hear from you if you are:


1) A well published poet for children who likes to talk about the craft of what they do with adults.


2) Someone who is an experienced panel chair, with some background in either poetry or children’s literature or both.


Please note: If you live closeish to Brisbane that would probably be an advantage, but contact her anyway as she loves hearing from those passionate about poetry for children.

Do email if this describes you and you would like further information!

Queries for these possible opportunities close 25th of February (but the earlier you email me the better)

Contact June at gumbootspearlz@gmail.com