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A Certain Platypus


There was a certain platypus

He lived in five mile creek,

Who (prompted by the latest trend)

Went vegan for a week.


He tried butternut pumpkin cubes

And purple eggplant too.

He prodded peas with spoon and fork

And sipped hot mushroom stew.


He crunched on juicy celery,

Gave artichokes a try,

Sautéed leafy silver beet,

And munched on broccoli.


No doubt the fare was healthy,

But it mostly went to waste,

For those nutritious vegetables

Just didn’t suit his taste.


So he returned to worms and such

To bugs and shrimp so fine,

And left the vegetables to us;

Omnivorous mankind.


Lynelle Kendall
  • Inspired by Poetry prompt #9

One thought on “Poem of the Day

  1. Hi Lynelle, love your sci-fi poem! It incorporates the science concept of a meat and vegetable eating omnivore, while still giving us an anthropomorphic fantasy of fun 🙂

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