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Bring on the sunshine,

Bring on the day.

We’re energetic

And we like to play!


Bring on the sunshine,

Play with The Deans.

The slippery dip’s scorching.

Next time we’ll wear jeans.


Bring on the sunshine,

Climb up a tree.

Swing from the branches,

Jump down with Bree.


Bring on the sunshine,

Race to the shops.

Buy fizzy drink

And pink paddle pops.


Bring on the sunshine,

Drive down the road.

We’re in our cossies

In holiday mode.


Bring on the sunshine,

Mum lets us out.

We’ve pulled up at Kurt’s.

He’s an excellent scout.


Bring on the sunshine,

Sunbake with Kurt.

Slop on the sunscreen,

Or bodies will hurt.


Bring on the sunshine,

Dive in the pool.

Float on a raft and

Swim to keep cool.


Bring on the sunshine,

Mother returns –

She steers with two fingers,

The steering wheel burns.


Bring back the sunshine,

It’s fading away,

Time to go home now.

Remember this day!


By Lynette Oxley


In response to Poetry Prompt#15

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