Poetry Prompt #41

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Poetry Prompt #41

This week’s prompt is Feathers, Fur or Fins

Let your imagination go wild

Here is a link to a Don Spencer song to get you thinking


As from this Thursday we will have teacher notes with a poem once a week. If you wish to contribute to this please include the notes in your email. We will start this Thursday with a poem by Jennifer Poulter with notes for teachers. If you could please forward the post this Thursday to teachers and/or schools to get the word around and get your wonderful work out there for children to enjoy. Please email me with any questions about this or if you would like me to write notes for you.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com

This week’s quote to ponder on:

“Make a rule for yourself that the only way anyone will see your stories is by you writing them”

Andy Weir

(An American novelist who wrote “The Martian” adapted into a film in 2015)

Quote from Page 1 of “Buzz Words” 15/10/17

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