Poetry Prompt #42 “Wheels”


Thank you for all the Fur, Feathers and Fins poetry. This week we change direction to the man made. The prompt is “Wheels”

Any wheel, Any where, Any time: kids love to move and wheels take them places.

Last week’s Thursday poem with teacher notes got 400 plus views which is excellent. Please continue to email out the link to this site to your connections with schools and universities etc

If your poem doesn’t get on during a prompt I will keep in a folder for gaps.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



An event coming up if you are in Sydney:

Dorothea Mackellar Poet’s New Memorial at Waverley Cemetery

On the 24th November, 2017, the Society of Women Writers of NSW, along with donors to the memorial, will gather in Waverley Cemetery at 6pm to ‘unveil’ the substantial marble plaque. This honours the poet, Dorothea Mackellar (1885-1968) with the 8 lines of her most famous stanza from her poem My Country, there for all to see in perpetuity. Her gravesite is close by the ’jewel sea’ of the Pacific Ocean she so lovingly describes.

If anyone does go please send me a photo.


And this weeks quote:

Amy Harmon is a best selling author who has currently written ten books

2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #42 “Wheels”

  1. I have a ’wheels’ one all ready to go! Cheers, Virginia A few Teacher Notes (who does them? The poet?) The Israelites or Jews were kept slaves by the Egyptians, so I’m imagining it was the same time as they built the pyramids – that’s why I called the slave Hannah, originally a Jewish name. In fact it wasn’t the same time – the pyramids were built about 300 years before the Israelites turned up. But it makes a more interesting story. Incidentally some people doubt that the Jews were ever enslaved by the Egyptians, so that might be just a story also. I couldn’t think of any way to describe the axle apart from our word, but it’s a concept they wouldn’t have had. I’d like to hear if anyone can think of how the rod holding the two wheels together and on the ground, could be described otherwise. The Jews escaped from Egypt with the help of Moses, who persuaded the king, Pharaoh, to let them go with the help of ten plagues. It is all there told in the Bible in the book Exodus, and is celebrated each year by the Jewish community as Passover. [Jeanie, If you wanted to you could get an actual Jewish person to fill in some more details about the ceremony – or I could ask my friends, if you’d like. Let me know.] Dr Virginia Lowe Create a Kids’ Book http://www.createakidsbook.com.au PO Box 2, Ormond Victoria 3204 ph: 03 9578 5689 mob: 0400 488 100 “Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell” (Routledge 2007) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Create-a-Kids-Book/216518838392741

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