Bogey Biology

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Bogey Biology


Like microscopic armies

battling germy foes

a microbe war is raging

inside our snotty nose.


Staphylococcus aureus

can make us very ill.

Resistant to most medicines

it’s difficult to kill.


But scientists who study snot

have seen these bad germs die

when a different bacteria

is plentiful nearby.


They plan to use this winning germ

to make antibiotics.

Such science research might be called

exotic snot biotics!


by Celia Berrell


I was fascinated by this inside-story about noses …  apparently it’s a snotty battlefield up there!  This new is not to be sneezed at – honestly


Mango Spell




I’m sitting in the shade of the mango tree.

It’s a white-hot day but it doesn’t bother me

’cause it’s cool in the shade of the mango tree

eating mango.


The round ripe fruits of the mango tree

glow like sunsets all around me

and a warm rich perfume dizzies me

from the mango.


So there isn’t any place I’d rather be

than the dark green shade of the mango tree

with golden mangoes tempting me

on the mango.


©  Kate O’Neil


The Good Ship Gumtree



We pinch a tea towel for a sail,

And to the deck the ladder scale.

With any luck we’ll spy a whale

From the Good Ship Gumtree.


We climb the rigging till we stop;

Reach the crow’s nest up tiptop,

Then down upon the floor we flop,

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


No crows upon this ship today,

But cockies screech and fly away.

And sailing onwards, branches sway

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


The horizon is a sea of green:

The biggest waves you’ve ever seen.

Only the breeze knows where we’ve been

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


Ahoy, ahoy, what’s that ahead?

A school of fish – a flock instead?

Parrotfish of blue and red

Around the Good Ship Gumtree.


And when sunset floods the sky

We head to port and dock nearby.

“Was it fun?” asks Mum. “Aye, aye,

We sailed the Good Ship Gumtree.”



When I was tree-climbing age, I enjoyed the view from the top branches, and only once had to be rescued!

Jaz Stutley

 Things I love about Christmas

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 Things I love about Christmas

For Natalie


Christmas is my favourite time,

the best part of the year,

it’s when we get to celebrate,

our hearts so full of cheer.


I love Christmas stories,

I love Christmas songs,

I love Carols in the Park

where we can sing along.


I love the Christmas table

with its cloth of red and gold,

crackers, candles, fresh pine trees

from deep forests of old.


I love to wrap the presents,

put one beneath the wishing tree,

I love decorations and all the lights

sparkling down on me.


I love the magic of Christmas Eve,

leaving Santa his milk and mince pies,

some carrots for his reindeer

who soar down from the skies.


On Christmas morning I awake

to think of the baby come from above,

remembering why we do it all

because of love, love, love.




Vanessa Proctor

Rain dear/A Christmas Poem

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Rain dear

In Australia, when it’s Christmas hot,

A farmer’s keen for a little drop

of rain from heaven, upon his roof,

of Santa’s gifts, he looks for proof

Then drumming starts above; he hears

his wife call out “It’s rain dear!”

Walter de Jong

A Christmas Poem

Christmas time, oh Christmas, Time of sentiment so nice.

Christmas time, ah, Family time, With poems by Helen Steiner Rice.

Christmas comes but once a year On the 25th of December,

And makes the rest of the year, With its sorrows and joys,

That much sweeter to remember.

Bridh Hancock