January call for poems


This month I will schedule anything sent to me in the next week as well as spare poems and selected poems from throughout 2017. That gives us all a bit of a break. I’m sure teachers will all enjoy reading the poems each day while on holidays.

At the end of January we will begin with our weekly prompts again and look at new ways of promoting this blog. If you have ideas please email me. Thankyou

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com

And the New Year quote:


2 thoughts on “January call for poems

  1. Plastic Bags

    Bridh Hancock 28/07/16

    In winter months you can see them

    Clinging to the branches of deciduous ones,

    Clinging as if their lives depended upon such invisible strenuosity, or

    Perhaps they are spooks. They certainly look like spooks.

    They also look suitably raggedly daggy, like

    Waifs on the loose, waiting new suits of clothes, which never come.

    Perhaps they just follow the paths to the drains, and

    Fraying who should be praying til they are finally dismally gone.

    Perhaps their faint bodies are result of

    Junk food contents, or

    Too much rock-n-roll music too loud and too recently.

    Perhaps they are none of these. They are, after all, just

    Plastic bags waving sad farewell from of the empty trees.

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