Which dog?

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Which dog?


At last we’re going to get a dog,

a loving  family pet

but, sadly, we all disagree

on just which dog to get.


Mum who loves her garden beds,

who weeds in them for hours

demands a breed that’s guaranteed

to stay away from flowers.


Liz would like a Pekinese

to put up on her lap

but Mum believes that dogs like these

will only bite and yap.


Dad is sure a boxer dog

would guard the house from robbers

but Liz and I would rather die

than have a dog that slobbers


And I would like a Doberman

but Liz says they’re too scary.

She’s still saying Please, a Pekinese

but I say they’re too hairy.


The more we talk, the more I think

we’ll never get this pet.

The dog we need must be a breed

that hasn’t surfaced yet.


Jenny Erlanger

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