Prompt #4 Acrostic week

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Acrostic week here we go

Could you give it a shot?

Reach within

Oh remember the first letter of each line

Spells out a word

Try something new

Imaginative and incredible

Can you email to:

We will each week for a time have a different style of poetry to showcase. If you have never tried a certain type how about giving it a go?

Thankyou for your contributions


And incase you were wondering where the word Acrostic comes from read below for the answer.


The Frog’s Protest


The Frogs’ Protest

“Frogs unite. It isn’t fair!
Come together everywhere!
Leave your puddles, ponds and pools:
Join the students in their schools!
Send their ears your loudest croak,
So they’ll learn it’s not a joke:
Giving a whole Year to Dogs!
What about we jolly Frogs?!”
Monty Edwards

Thoughts of a ‘Velcro’ Dog


Thoughts of a ‘Velcro’ Dog

A wonder dog, an under dog,
an over dog, a rover dog.
A round about and through dog.
I’ll-find-a-way-that’s-new dog.
I really think it’s time you knew-
If I’m your dog I’ll be with you.
There’s simply nothing you can do-
If you go out I’m coming too.

©   Kate O’Neil

Legs in the air with Teacher Notes

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Legs in the air

What have you been eating Brock?
That is causing quite a stink
Was it green and red?
Or yellow, brown and pink?

What have you been eating Brock?
The smell is really bad
Was it a piece of carrot cake?
You stole from snoring Dad

What have you been eating Brock?
The whole house it does reek
Was it from the garbage bin
That’s been sitting there all week

What have you been eating Brock?
Your gastric juices churning
One whiff and we will leave the room
Today not be returning

Brock, your plan is very clever
As you work your inner gut
To get your favourite seat at home
You whistle out your butt

Jeanie Axton

This is Brock. Look at that grin.

Teacher Notes:

If you want to be slightly serious you could have a discussion about what causes flatulence in dogs. Types of foods to avoid etc

However if you can get hold of the book “ Walter the Farting Dog” and read to your class I guarantee you will have laughter. Here is a link to the book being read aloud on YouTube with great sound effects.

Have fun.