The Easter Hat Parade

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The Easter Hat Parade


2K has been busy

2K has had fun

making Easter bonnets

with Dad and with Mum.


We’ve spent many hours

cutting out flowers,

using cardboard and glue

and crepe paper too.


Some hats are like bunnies

with ears floppy and funny,

Others have eggs and chicks,

with colours all sunny.


So put on your hats,

tie up the bow.

Your magnificent creations

make a marvellous show.




Vanessa Proctor

Bilby Nose

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Bilby Nose

The Bilby’s cute-long

bunny ears

remind us Easter’s

almost here.


These experts

burrow in the ground

where grubs and roots

for food are found.


Their dainty

pinkly pointy snouts

are perfect probes

to sniff things out.


With squeaky snuffles

snorts and grunts,

they’d help us with those

Choc-Egg hunts!

by Celia Berrell


Please have a look and read of this article.


Library Book Dream


A book with pages of words interlaced.

I read to you at bedtime, watch you drift to sleep.

I picture each scene how I like and wonder what you see.

A pause: too long, so quiet…

I nod – lost.

I have borrowed the sailing ship from this manuscript of adventure.

Where am I? Where are you?

I look for you and there you are – a loyal companion.

We travel together, though our dreams differ: supportive.

In the morning we return safe and sound with new-fangled ideas for life that we have borrowed from a book.


By Louise McCarthy

Words are weird


Words are weird


My shoe has a tongue

but can’t talk.

All it can do is walk.


My nose has a bridge

you can’t cross.

Which leaves me at a loss.


My eyes have pupils

you can’t teach.

What’s the purpose of each?


My ears have two drums

you can’t play.

What kind of drums are they?


What weird things words are —

they have too

many meanings by far!



James Aitchison


Grass Skirt


Grass Skirt


Kilt clan patterns

Mother’s hands twisting string for homemade

video to keep tradition strong

Once made from plants now plastic too

Scratching identity from legs to ankles

Calling out for head dress and for beads

Bare feet beating dance on earth

Sway and swish

Past, present and future steps

Given by my mother to say

You are grown


By   June Perkins


















Prompt #6 Word Association and Easter with Teacher Notes

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Good Morning,

Thankyou for your contributions in the last week.

Prompt #6 is Word Association poetry and Easter but please send in any other poems as well.

Heads up for those needing a bit more time writing: Our next Prompt after Easter will be Haiku.

Teacher Notes are in today instead of Thursday to give teachers ideas at the start of this week.

Please Email poems to:


Teacher Notes: Jeanie Axton

Easter is another opportunity to create an egg shape poem and write in describing words associated with Easter.

1. Here is a site online with Easter poems and songs you may like to use.

2. Another engaging idea would be to show the students the trailer to the recently released movie “Peter Rabbit”. I think this will be a very popular Easter or April school holidays outing for families.

Don’t forget to mention Beatrix Potter the original famous author of the Peter Rabbit series of books.

3. And one more idea an oldie but a goodie. Dye real eggs (check re egg allergies first)  as a classroom activity. Remembering through all these activities to reinforce the describing words for Easter that can be used in poems the children write.

Here is a chart of natural dyes to use with real eggs.

And Todays quote:


Cheers and Happy Easter