Prompt #5 Shape Poems


Thankyou for the poetry sent in the last week.

This week can you give Shape Poetry a go?

A shape poem is shaped in the object it is describing.

Below is an example by JR Poulter

Please continue to send in any poems you write and they can be posted inbetween submissions.






And a quote for today:

Susan Sontag was an American writer, filmmaker, teacher, and political activist.


2 thoughts on “Prompt #5 Shape Poems

  1. Hello Jeanie,

    Football is always popular and attached is a shape poem about football.

    It was published in “Word Whirls and other shape poems” (collected by John Foster, OUP, 1998).

    A good warm up with students is to ask them ‘Who’s mad about football? – jot down why. There are usually lots of replies.

    Then for variety ‘Who’s not mad about football?’ Again, this can elicit enthusiastic responses.

    Kind regards,


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