A Funny Exercise


A Funny Exercise

An exercise helps keep us fit.

We all agree on that.

It gets your heart a-pumping so

your body won’t go flat.

A heart-beat circulates the blood

to all our living cells.

Transporting food and oxygen

to keep us fit and well.

Doing lots of exercise

can make our heart beat fast.

Strengthening the muscles so

our body’s built to last.

Now laughing can be exercise.

A work-out for the lungs.

Releasing lots of tension if

we’re feeling highly strung.

It elevates our pulse rate

and it’s also lots of fun.

One hundred big laughs every day

will be my aim now-on.

It massages the abdomen.

It shakes those shoulders free.

A perfect form of exercise …

Ho-Ho   Ha-Ha   He-He!

 by Celia Berrell

Medals, medals, medals

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Medals, medals, medals

Medals, medals, medals,

Australia’s won its share.

Medals, medals, medals,

We won them everywhere!

Medals, medals, medals,

Our athletes brought them home.

Medals, medals, medals,

From pool to velodrome.

Medals, medals, medals,

Our athletes did us proud,

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,

Let’s shout it out so loud.

Medals, medals, medals,

We’ve won a tidy sum!

But if I had my way,

I’d give a Gold to Mum.

 James Aitchison

Prompt #9 A mixed bag

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Thankyou for the “mixed bag” of types of poetry being sent through.
Congratulations to Australia in The Commonwealth Games with 198 medals
Please continue to send any poetry this week to:
In the last week I was sent a poem from a writer in America and thought to put it in today. It’s wonderful that OS writers are following our blog.
Throughout the world, we each sometimes fall
Entrenched in our ways, or simply succomb to powerless
Apathy. Children remind us to stop, reflect, to
Challenge ourselves, approach the world in curiosity.
Help each other to take brave risks.
Examine our privilege and take responsibility for systemic inequalities.
Reassess, react, reimagine, revolution. Repeat.
madeleine lifsey
Madeleine is a globetrotter, vegan animal rights activist, and educator currently teaching primary school in Israel. She spends her free time reading, writing, running, and ruining her poor flatmates’ kitchen aesthetic with her ever-growing kombucha brew. She likes to make sure to learn or explore something new each day
And today’s quote:
Don Poynter was among other things the inventor of  Uncle Fester’s Mystery Light Bulb featured on the “Addams Family” show.
As it’s school holidays we won’t have Teacher Notes for a few Thursdays. All Teachers have a nice break and enjoy reading a poem each morning.