Mixed Bag

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Mixed Bag

He appeared on the doorstep one day

Both big and small in size

A dog of mixed bag breeds

We decided to call him Heinz


For Dad, he’d work all day

Running with the sheep

He asked for little in return

A pat, kind word, a sleep


To Mum, he was a protector

Of danger, he had no fear

Any threat around, he’d bark it down

No stranger would dare come near


The baby, she had him intrigued

Crawling around the house

Nose to the ground, he followed her round

Like a cat on the trail of a mouse


After school, he’d wait at the gate

We’d play till the sun’s last light

Exhausted but happy, inside for tea

He’d sleep by my bed at night


To each, he was something different

Loyal, right up to the end

That bitzer, mongrel, mixed up mutt

Worker, protector… best friend.

Jeannie Meekins

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