‘Let’s Pretend’ by Elizabeth Mary Cummings with Teacher Notes

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Let’s Pretend


I am so popular, I’m so in

I always have the next best thing!


You can see how good I am, it’s up to me

How in with the it-crowd you will be.


Always sure and what’s more, not scared one bit

For I know, I am a wonder, a big hit!


Never failing, never losing  and never unsure

Do you believe me? Okay, I’ll stop now and lie no more.


Alone – taken from Green Striped Hoodie sample thumbnails by Johanna Roberts

Possible discussion questions:
What is the writer telling us in verse one and two?
Do you think the writer feels they are popular?
What makes someone popular?
Does the writer believe that the being with the in crowd will make them happy?
Why do you think this?
Get the children in pairs to rewrite poem as CLOZE then to pair up and share their cloze version with another group – each group have to fill in gaps as they see fit and then compare to original and discuss meaning.
Draw/paint/model – something thats scares you.
Share these (for those comfortable sharing) in class/group and discuss as a group how to conquer fears.

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