‘Pirate Pussy’ by Ron Marsh

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There was a pirate pussy cat 

Who sailed the Spanish Main,

His ship it wore a pirate flag 

In hail,or sun or rain.

And when he caught a galleon 

As buccaneers will do,

He took up all the gems and gold 

And cast away the crew.


Then when he sailed back into port,

With his ill-gotten prize,

He threw a great big party 

with cakes and sweets and pies.


This pirate’s name was Blacky Patch,

He had white feet and tail to match.

He ruled his crew,as hard as nails,

And did not spare the nine ‘o’ tails. 


One day the King’s fine sailing ships 

Caught up with Blackie Patch.

The fired their guns while on the run,

And Blackie’s were no match.

His ship went down and all were drowned,

The pirates were dispatched.

Ron Marsh 

Ron is 79 years old and has taken up writing poetry


‘TWELVE THOUSAND C.C.’S’ by Margaret Pearce

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He was a macho man

With speed man dreams.

He darned his leathers

With barbed wire seams.


He parted his beard

On the outside lane

And cleaned his teeth

With the sprocket chain


He lusted for the bike

Of his speed man dreams.

Double carbarettors

And twelve thousand c.c’s


He’d pay without woe 

He needed his butt

On a bike with go

On an engine with gut.


For that ultimate thrill

With death defying skill

Double carbarettors

And twelve thousand c.c.’s


Busted and ageing,

The biker kept raging

The oil kept seeping

And his life blood leaking.


‘I possessed the machine’

Gasped the macho man

‘With the speedy routine.

‘I don’t give a damn


My bike and I

With death defying skill

Will ride hell’s roads

For that ultimate thrill.’


M Pearce

‘When the Parrot was Silent’by by J.R.Poulter

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When the Parrot was Silent.  by J.R.Poulter 


“Twitter, twitter”, said the birds, 

Perched outside upon a ledge,

“The wizard’s conjuring with words, 

Some are wise and some absurd.

Tell us parrot what you’ve heard?”


Parrot, on his perch all day,

Hadn’t very much to say

But was noisy anyhow.

Parrot made a frightful row!

Showed off to his birdie friends.

Till the wizard hit wits END!


Parrot through the cage bars peaked,

Saw the wizard’s wand go, “TWEAK!”

Opened wide his beak to SQUAWK,

Found he could no longer talk!

Moral is, when wizards speak,

Wise birds seek but to be taught,

Say not a word unless it’s sought…


‘The knitters’ club’ by Jeanie Axton

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The knitters’ club


Eight year olds

With needles in hand

Wool under arms

A little craft band

Sit in a circle

At lunch break

On the oval

Life is great

This craft of old

It will never die

With these mini grannies

Knitting on high

’Wish for wings’ by Stephanie Boase

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Wish for wings

Oh, little bird

Sitting in the tree,

Why do you sit there

Looking at me?


The sun is shining

The air is clear.

Is that another bird’s

Song you hear?


You cock your head 

And listen with care.

Then flutter away,

 Soft wings, on air.


I wish that I 

had wings like you

To glide on the breeze 

Through the sky so blue

’Family photo’ by Stephanie Boase


Family photo

Brush your teeth

Comb your hair

Dress up smart

To look the part

Gather together


Bunch up tight 

Now, move apart

Pick up the children

Brush off the dirt

Everyone still…

This won’t hurt.

Oh no,

Here comes a sneeze!

Look at the camera

‘Smiling please.’



Toilet dash

‘Dinner time!’

Adults chime.

Just one more


“That’s a take!”

All the children celebrate.

Lolly bribes have worked a treat.


Let’s all go out to eat!

Spotlight on Stephanie Boase

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About Stephanie:

Stephanie is head of special education at her school. She is currently on LSL and enjoying writing poetry.


Possums in the Vegie Patch


Possums in the vegie patch!

Stealing radishes at night.

Pulling off the leaves

Munching with all their might.


They didn’t like the basil much

But picked a leaf or two,

Nibbled juicy lettuce leaves,

Then found the radishes to chew.


They must have sent a message out

For friends to come around

And share the tasty radishes

They’d fortunately found.


A radish-feasting possum party

Held at this address!

You’d think they’d clean up afterwards

And not leave such a mess!