‘Moon in the daytime’ by Kylie Covark


Moon in the Daytime

Oh moon, dear moon, it’s nearly noon,

I hope you disappear real soon.

It’s not that I don’t like your face,

But you should be some other place.

You’re really messing with my head,

Perhaps I’ll just go back to bed

‘The ostrich and the elephant’ by Kylie Covark

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The Ostrich and the Elephant

Since once upon a time, or perhaps even before,

The Ostrich and the Elephant had always been at war.

Whenever there was any fruit that children couldn’t reach,

The Elephant would use his trunk to pick a piece for each.

But Ostrich told them not to use that unhygienic hose.

“Oh! Don’t eat that! It has been picked by someone else’s nose!

My neck is long and agile, and so I will fetch your fruit.

You children shouldn’t socialise with such an oafish brute.”


In Madame Panther’s Day School, which was of highest repute,

The children studied hard to find the cause of this dispute.

But no one had the answer as to what had caused the feud.

Or could explain why two fine chaps would be so very rude.


Wise Queen Nefertiti – the very first zebra to reign –

Called a special meeting for the leaders of the plain.

“We must act,” the Queen began, “this nonsense has to end.

A golden chest for anyone who changes foe to friend.”

The animals all spoke at once: “It simply can’t be done.

That golden prize is priceless, but that price is too hard won.”


Then a silent, sleepy sloth opened up one eye,

“Tell those two that I would like a pillow from the sky.”

“Who is this clown?” The Lion roared, “he only thinks of sleep!”

But Nefertiti turned to him and urged the Sloth to speak.

“The Ostrich and the Elephant are stubborn, tough, and proud.

So, let us send them on a quest to pluck me down a cloud.

Of course, they can’t complete the task. I don’t care what they bring.

To weave a web of friendship, it’s the journey that’s the thing.”


Nefertiti thought awhile then she nodded her assent.

She wrote down the instructions and the royal decree was sent.

Two cheetah cubs then took the scrolls as fast as they could run.

They scorched across savannah sands beneath the midday sun.


The Ostrich grabbed a fishing net. The Elephant, a jar.

They planned to climb a mountain, though it did look kind of far.

They collected their provisions and started on their way,

They walked and talked and talked and walked throughout a night and day.


When they came upon the summit the whole world was in view.

Below them stretched out everything. But here it was just two.


And with sudden intuition, perhaps some magic too,

The Ostrich and the Elephant knew what they had to do.

The secret of their sorcery the world will never know,

But they came back arm in arm with a fluffy cloud in tow.


They went to Nefertiti and they both politely bowed,

Then presented to the Sloth his new pillow made of cloud.

The Sloth could not stop smiling; sleep was his greatest pleasure. 

He told the Queen she could keep the gold chest full of treasure.


The unexpected afternoon had left the Queen quite stunned.

But she declared the gold would make a brand-new friendship fund.

“To foster fragile friendships,” was the fund’s stated intent;

The Ostrich and the Elephant would choose how it was spent.


And so once upon a time they invited every beast

To the most majestic party; the Ostri-phanto Feast! 

Spotlight on Kylie Covark


About Kylie:

Poetry puts a happy hum in my heart. My plan for 2018 is to encourage as many people as I can to find the poetry in their lives. I will continue sharing poetry for children here, and for their mums and dads on my social media accounts @picklesandpords. Thanks for reading!

A Perfect Place to Sleep

Regarding you with such disdain

From on his throne 

Of throw rugs that are

His alone,

He wonders if you’ll

Dare suggest

He moves an inch so 

You can rest.

He shows a claw 

Of warning;

This is his spot 

Until morning.

He is comfy and 

What’s more

There is room there

On the floor.

You sigh and moan

A bit

Then reluctantly

You sit,

And perhaps you’re

Going mad

But the floor is 

Not so bad.

You might even 

Take a nap.

But what’s this? 

He’s in your lap.

He purrs. Pleased

With his leap.

What a perfect

Place to sleep.

‘Mermaids and Monster Trucks’ by June Perkins


Mermaids and Monster Trucks

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys

they love to drive their Monster trucks.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls

swimming with the dolphins

go the Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

Now they go to school

Could there be a duel?


Mermaid Girls watch the Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys watch the Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls

super diving Mermaid Girls.


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys

super driving monster trucks.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

They’re playing at magic school

which has a friendly rule.


Mermaid Girls can play with Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys can play with Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls talk to Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys talk to Mermaid Girls.


Soon Monster Truck Boys 

like swimming in the sea.

They’re jumping and bumping 

in the sea.


Now Mermaid Girls 

like driving monster trucks

as if they’re giant seals.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

They’re all cool 

And they all love school

Their friendships are like jewels.


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys 

swimming with the dolphins 

now they’re Mermaid Boys.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid girls

Super driving, super dreaming

Now they’re Monster Truck Girls.


By June Perkins

EDUCATORS NOTE:  This poem was originally written as a song, to be performed by Monster Truck Boys and Mermaid Girls in a prep to grade two composite classroom.  It was to gently encourage them to try different games and not stereotype themselves but also so they could just have fun.  I recommend to teachers who have the talent to write poems and songs for their pupils to do so as it enriches the classroom experience.

Spotlight on June Perkins


About June:

I am presently working on two sequels to my first full length collection, Magic Fish Dreaming,  https://magicfishdreaming.com/ and dearly hope to find traditional publishers for them or to crowd fund them.  

One is another collection of poetry for children filled with a sense of magical realism, fun and optimism, and the other is especially for mothers who might have fallen in love with the poetry of Magic Fish Dreaming, and will include both poetry and prose reflections on mothering and being mothered.  

I have been keeping a poetry blog for several years, http://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com and am presently blogging on the topic of how poets play with words and images to make their poems https://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com/2018/05/30/poetatplay2/



We came
Sang, shared sisterhood
Brotherhood, unity, treasure hunts

Things sing
To the heart
Picking a song’s tune

In camp
Everywhere we walk
Glow worms in line

By June Perkins

EDUCATORS NOTE: This poem was written to reflect on a mentoring camp held at Mungalli Falls.  I wanted a very simple structure to convey this in just a few words and was inspired by, but not restricted by the cinquain form.  A traditional cinquain, would be 

  1. A subject noun – one word
  2. Two adjectives – two words
  3. Three verbs – three words
  4. A phrase – four words
  5. Return to the subject noun – one word

Instead I went   

  1. Subject noun – one word (however, in verse 2 and 3 I put the subject noun at the end)
  2. Short phrase-two words,  
  3. Longer phrase- three words (line 3,4, and line 2 closely linked)
  4. A phrase or a list of things- four words 
  5. Overall feeling or the subject noun

I think it is important when working with set forms to be able to play with them and reinvent them to fit your purpose, whatever is best for the poem

Spotlight on JR Poulter

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About JR Poulter:

I’m writing all the time – poetry is a bit like a journal for me.  It is there 24/7.

I have more books coming out – one a prose poem “The Passing” and one a humorous narrative verse story “A Raw Deal!” and then there is my poetry collection [for grown ups] “Blood and Other Essentials” which hopefully coming out this year.

“Terence the ice-skating turtle” by Jan Darling




When Terence the Turtle chose his career

He’d no one to help him from far or from near

No one to tell him he’d just look a fool

None to persuade him to stay on at school

Terence was fired by one burning ambition

To become an ice skater – his only mission.


When Terence was laughed at and told he was silly

He retired to the garden to talk with the Lily

Lily was clever, and dainty and sweet

She said no matter he didn’t have feet

Of the kind that were shaped to wear a skate

I believe, she said, you’re meant to beat Fate.


Believe in your dream, she said with a wink

You have to dream big –  and don’t let it shrink

Imagine your feet as if they were tiny

Feet that can sparkle in boots that are shiny

Feet that can twinkle and leap and go spinning

Feet that are grinning at prizes they’re winning.


Terence suddenly felt that his dream could come true

And decided to buy the boots that are blue

Blue boots are best when they’re put to the test

With a swanky new hand-knitted ice-skater vest

He chose red for his vest and puffed out his chest

How good he was feeling – blessed with such zest.


One day as he practised his leaps on the ice

Some kids who were passing said he looked nice

Terence was thrilled (to the boots) I guess

They suggested he add to his suit a headdress

Something stunning and utterly funky

We know, the kids said – you need a monkey.



The kids asked Terence to be their friend

And made a big placard, carefully penned

Come see Terence the Turtle, the Master of Skates,

Payment is either in cents or in dates

Terence does figures, he leaps and he spins

Terence the Turtle is great on his pins.


Meanwhile the Monkey who’d answered their ad

Turned out to be cousin to Lily’s dad

Lily was thrilled to find her relation

Even more thrilled with T’s creation

An ice-skating turtle, what a great laugh

Next you’ll be wanting promotional staff.


Not a bad idea said Chunky the Monkey

That old sign is now looking clunky

Now that we’re sorted and out on the road

I’ll be needing some help – could we look for a toad?

I’ve been recently told that toads abound

So we’ll probably find some here on the ground.


Look at that Turtle, he’s really a joke

‘Twas a cheeky young bullfrog beginning to croak

Stop there: Chunky yelled, and bellowed and shouted

Barry the Bullfrog – you’ve just now been outed

For Barry it was who had first told Terence

That he was descended from Ice-skating parents.


Terence was thrilled and started to spin

He did a quick tapdance – that made them grin.

The kids went with Chunky and Lily and Barry

Terence found love and decided to marry

They were happy forever and all shared a house

They believed in each other and life was just grouse.

“Lying in the Sun” by Jan Darling

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It was in my fifth year of being on earth

That eating three horses expanded my girth.

Not eating those horses just any old way

I ate three of those horses every day.

They weren’t real horses – I’m not that mad

They were marzipan horses, it was just a fad.

They were made in a hurry with carrots from Perth

And served on a dish with laughter and mirth. 


I lived in a Palace (that’s why I’m called Alice)

Friends never thought about me with malice.

I had hundreds of dresses and bags full of hats 

I wrapped them in cheese, they were eaten by rats.

My clothes were all frilly, which really was silly

The skirts were too big for riding my filly

I found some pants that made me look thin

But I bought the wrong ones, not for her, but for him.


My most special friend was a kangaroo

Who flapped like mad whenever she flew.

I’d wind her up, put plug to socket

And then she’d jump right up like a rocket.

But I don’t want to bore – you’d like to hear more?

I’m far too modest to hog the floor.

But if listen you must, and in truth you trust

You’ll forgive me if I that truth adjust?


It’s a question of season, no rhyme, no reason

Makes no difference, if sunny or freezin’

I like to have fun when I lie in the sun

Eating fresh honey spread onto a bun.

Do I tell the truth or do I lie in the sun?

It seems that truth can be either one

‘Cos lie is a multi meaning word

It can tell you the truth or just be absurd. 

Jan Darling

Spotlight on Jan Darling


About Jan:

It seems to me that I have taken an awfully long time to find my true voice.  Now, writing ‘Nonsense Poems’ I am thoroughly enjoying myself.   This year I have also re-discovered classical poetry and am writing sonnets and other rhyme and metre forms.  I had never thought of children’s poetry although I’ve written short stories for children.  I am just loving writing the poems and I’m finding that they leave my head in a space far away from its physical surroundings.  It makes me wish I were a child again. It’s pure therapy.


It was the cat who said, as she climbed out of bed

Is today the day we go to the Zoo?

Prince was teaching the rabbit, the one who’s blue,

To sit on my head, and be one of the crew

The day was cold, the duck said ah-choo

It’s freezing out there, I’m not going with you.


Duck, you know I’m the Prince, just look at my crown

Pure rabbit it is, it’s soft as down

I tuck Bunny around till his ears fall right down

They snuggle my own and steady my crown.

You’re just a duck, but I am the Prince

Won’t you do what I say without that wince?


The duck wrapped his scarf four times round his beak

And grumbling went off to change the week.

Is it Mumday or Chewsday or Whimsday he mumbles

Oh Duck – take your pick but bring Violet Crumbles.

Then we’re off to the Zoo to see Reginald Roo

Horace the Hippo, young Bruno and Pru.


Prudence the penguin started to flush

For on the Prince, she’d once had a crush

Come on, move quickly, you guys at the front

We’re here to see the Honey Bear stunt.

But Bruno the Bear was away that day

He’d gone to the Bank to collect his pay.


You pay that Bear to sit around here?

Chewing his bamboo, making us stare?

The Zooman nodded and showed us the path

To the Elephant park – they were taking their bath.

The cat saw pictures of lions on a sign

Saying I’m off to see some family of mine. 


Prudence was sad she’d not seen her hero

The Zooman complained that the temp. was zero.

There was only one elephant out in the park

The bathroom was hidden away in the dark.

Bunny was tiring of being the crown

And he started wishing that he could get down.


Nothing was going the way he was wishing

So the Prince took a pelican off to go fishing

Everyone grumped about one thing or t’other

And Duck was quacking about his red brother

His mother was green, his sister was blue

How that had happened nobody knew.


So the Day at the Zoo turned into a flop

With everyone grizzling, way over the top

It’s not that bad, elephant blew on his trumpet

Two kids remembered to bring me a crumpet

The cat complained that the trip was a mess

And set of for home to change her dress.

Jan Darling