Prompt #18 Food


This weeks prompt is Food. There are many creative ways food can be presented to children. Let’s feed their minds as well with fun creative food poems.


Please send prompt poems and any other poems to:


A few events coming up.

Celia one of our regulars is having a book launch in Cairns later this week.

Virginia and John Lowe have a poetry book launch in Melbourne next weekend.

Please send me information about other events you would like promoted.


And here are a few photos from our trip. Maybe I’m the only person ever to have taken Mr Snuffleupagus to the tip of Cape York. This was a highlight as well as staying in a rainforest for two nights. The sounds were amazing. We went on a day trip to Thursday Island which included a bus tour. It was very interesting. They have trade winds on Thursday Island 7 months of the year. In the afternoon it got quite windy and the trip back in the ferry was a bit Wonky Donkey. I bought a KitKat to cope with it. 🍫 I had time on the trip to write and developed an interest in Haiku and gave it a go. Echidna Tracks is a Haiku site you can join and receive one every morning. The ‘ahhh’ moment in this form of poetry appeals to me. I will put a few resources I was given up on the site in the next month.





And todays quote:


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