“Yard Cricket” by Ron Marsh





On pleasant summer afternoons,

My dad and I play cricket.

The dog he loves to chase the ball,

So he’s behind the wicket.


Our yard is small,

And so the ball

Is not hit very far.

But if we hit a window,

We cop a blast from ma.


I hit a whopping six some days.

That’s when it goes next door.

And if the neighbour gets upset,

We take that off the score.


When dad is batting I get scared.

I wish my gloves were leather.

He hits them fast, and most get past,

As I clap my hands together

“Question” with Teacher Notes by Katherine Gallagher

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Would you like

                         to say Hi

​​​                                      to a beetle?


A beetle would

                          like to say Hi

                                         ​to you. . .

Teacher Notes:

This poem can be a fun-exercise with 6-9 year olds. Get prompts from the class for a range of insects. This can also instruct them in the types and range of insects and for example, in the case of beetles, the enormous number of different kinds, viz. dung-beetles, stag-beetles and their importance in nature. It can also be interesting to divide the class into two groups, with one half asking the question, ‘Would you like/to say Hi/to a beetle? substituting meanwhile the names of different insects, while the replies are given by the other half of the class.

“A Bite in the Night” by Monty Edwards



A Bite in the Night

My pillow’s soft beneath my head;

My light is out; I’m snug I bed.

I’ve said goodnight to Dad and Mum,

Expecting soon that sleep will come,


But . . .


What’s this I hear, so near my ear?

A buzz? A whine? Oh no! Oh dear!

I know that sound. It’s one I dread:

A lone mosquito overhead!


So . . .


Lying still, I free my hand;

I’m waiting for the pest to land.

The drone will stop, then “0uch”, the bite!

I whack my cheek with all my might!


Then . . .


All is quiet now, I can rest:

One good whack has killed the pest.

Though my cheek is feeling sore,

That mosquito bites no more!


“Ants” by Ron Marsh

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I was eating supper very late,

And chanced to look upon my plate,

A little black ant standing there,

Just about to share my fare.


I said to him “now listen mate,

I want you quickly off my plate”.

To ants one should not be so bold,

He’s brought back friends a hundred-fold.

Prompt #23 Ball


This week we head into the last week of September. That means the AFL and NRL grand finals are on at the end of this week.

Can you write a poem for children with a ‘Ball’ in it? Any ball, it doesn’t have to be a football or rugby ball.

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And this weeks quote:

Pele is a Brazilian retired professional soccer player.  He is regarded by many in the sport as the greatest player of all time.


“Cafe Six” by Kate O’Neil



Try our new

Infestation Menu


It’s the food of the future

so we have created

some fine dining dishes

to keep you updated.


Are you itching to try

mosquito mousse?


or fleas flambé?


Perhaps you’d like

a light stir-fry

of tender glow-worms.


Crusty crickets

would add some crunch

to vary the texture,

served as a side.

(By Jiminy, that’s what

I’d have for lunch.)


Try truffled termites

with pesto sauce

on maggot mash.


Or fruit-fly fritters

with grasshopper gravy


or cicada croquettes

and hairy-bug hash.


Caterpillar curry’s

a dish to-die-for –

a robust feed.

rich and nutritious

(fabulous grub).


If a smaller snack

is all you need

you might like a serve

of buttered fly.


Or a coddled moth.


Perhaps you’d like

cicada soup.


Or a medley of mealworms

cooked in broth

then lightly charred.


Silverfish soufflés

(in moulds and baked twice)

for special occasions


​​​​are a gourmet delight

you’ll remember forever

(expensive but nice).


And when you’ve had your fill of these –

a platter of crackers and assorted bees.


​©  Kate O’Neil

Insectasaurus Rex By Kylie Covark

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Insectasaurus Rex

I’m just minding my own business,

Wondering what I should do next,

When from nowhere right beside me

Is Insectasaurus Rex.

He is hideous and hairy

And there’s nowhere here to hide,

But at least my plan’s decided –

I am going back inside!