“Christmas Time” by Carolyn Cockburn

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Christmas time


Christmas means the gathering of our enormous family

When we always enjoy special time together happily.

We welcome all in our family brood

Babies new, cousins kind and uncles rude!

The presents are stacked high under the tree

Little ones collect their gifts gleefully.

The table is set; the drinks are on ice,

The red wine is mulled with a touch of spice.

Food is loaded to the brim of each plate

Make sure to tuck in before it’s too late!

Then as quick as a wink, the day’s over again.

The dishes are all washed and left to drain.

Then it’s time for a nap, maybe a swim or a game,

Before the planning for next year begins all over again!

“Samuel Emanuel” by Julie Dascoli

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Samuel Emanuel.


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

He refused to eat his toast,

And the thing he hates the most, 

Is the healthy cheesy sandwich in his lunch box.


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel didn’t eat lunch.

He didn’t like to wash his hair,

Or indeed to ever share,

And when bedtime comes at night 

He’s hiding outside.


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

He doesn’t like to pack his toys, 

And he’s mean to other boys,

And when dad says time for home

He’s on the rooftop.


Samuel Emanuel’s dad was getting sad.

Samuel Emanuel’s dad was going mad.

He threw a tanty on the floor,

And banged his head upon the door.

When Samuel he saw this he was so shocked!


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much,

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

When he saw his dad so mad,

And he started feeling bad. 

He decided it was time to STOP IT NOW!


Samuel Emanuel didn’t ask much,

Samuel Emanuel ate his whole lunch.

He was happy to eat toast,

And the thing he likes the most

Is the healthy, cheesy sandwich in his lunch box.   




“Christmas Quest” by Monty Edwards

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Christmas Quest


Oh where can I find him?

It’s now Christmas Day.

It seems that we’ve lost him

Somewhere on the way.


I thought we might find him

At shops in the mall,

Or at Christmas parties,

But few signs at all.


I can’t see him hiding

There under the tree,

Amongst all the gifts

For my family and me!


When we sang all the carols

We called out his name,

But soon we forgot

Why it was that he came:


For he lived here among us

To teach and to guide

And to pay for our wrongs

Through the death that he died.


This Jesus now lives,

So the gospels declare.

Young and old who still seek him

Find this Saviour’s right there.

Boxing Day

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Good Morning,

Thankyou for the Christmas poems that were sent in. For the next month until school starts there will be a poem every day for you to enjoy. They will include poems that have been in the waiting room from throughout the year and a few spotlights on poets who sent in a group of poems.

Prompts will resume once school returns. Enjoy the break.

Please continue to send in any poems you write  throughout January to:





‘‘Twas the night before Christmas” by Louise McCarthy


Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the town,

Not a motel was vacant,

Not a place to lie down.


A couple whose baby was just about due,

Stood at the end of a very long queue.

A wise man suggested to ask at “the stables”,

“It’s an airbnb – the owner is Mabel.


“Why thank you! “Said Joseph – the father to be,

His wife who was Mary said “Let’s get the key!”

But the guests who were staying were mooing and braying.

Joseph exclaimed “This needs some explaining”.


Mary looked up to the heavens above,

An angel appeared and said “Hark darling love,

It’s an Airbnb: no windows, no door,

Though it does have a charm that you just can’t ignore.”


So Mary and Joseph decided to stay…


A baby arrived the very next night.

And above the stable a star shone so bright,

A single star rating – for this cosy dwelling ,

The start a story so very compelling.

”A Homeless Christmas” by James Aitchison



’Twas the night before Christmas and I sat alone

In my usual doorway that I called my own.

The people rushed past me, laden with shopping,

They saw what I was but passed without stopping.

Some kids laughing brightly skipped past full of joy

And made me remember when I was a boy.

Carols were playing, and we sang round a tree:

Daddy and mummy, and my sister and me.

Often I’ve wondered how it all came unstuck —

’twas sometimes bad choices, and sometimes bad luck.

But who can I blame while the world is so gay,

’cause tomorrow will be just one more lost day.

                                                   James Aitchison

A great reminder to give to someone this Christmas Eve who has fallen on hard times.



“Thongs and Boardies” by Sioban Timmer



Thongs and Boardies

Songs of yore, can be a bore

When they speak of snow and Holly.

Songs of sun are much more fun

To make our Christmas jolly.

We don’t ride sleighs – we catch some rays

As temperatures are soaring.

Hams to slice and prawns on ice

The feast is never boring.

Thongs on feet are not complete

Without our favourite boardies.

And by the pool, we’re staying cool

As Christmas hits the forties.

We don’t admire yuletide fire

Where chestnuts sit to roast.

We find fun with water guns,

Watch the sunset by the coast.

Raise a cup, with head held up

And toast the winter failure.

Sunshine above, what’s not love

That’s Christmas in Australia.


Valued Gifts

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Valued Gifts 

Perhaps the most enduring gifts

from Christmas-tide festivities

are not the items bought in shops

but things that make prized memories.


From moments filled with laughter at

some zany fun activity

to having simply helped someone

through using our proclivity.


Your Grandma will delight in any

art or craftwork made by you.

Our love and personality are

captured in the things we do.


Our presence time and talents shared

are valued gifts both rich and wise.

They’re cherished in fond memories

much more than any merchandise.


It is always wonderful to receive a valued gift – especially at Christmas.  Something made with care from a family member is a grandmother’s treasure.  But sometimes we are bought things we don’t really need or want, then get in a bother about what to do with them.  Would you pass those kinds of gifts to someone who might enjoy them more?

by Celia Berrell