“Veg I’m Mad” by Julie Cahill

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Veg I’m Mad

Broccoli shmockerly
peas and beans
What’s the fuss about eating our greens?
Spinach cabinach
Brussells sprouts
Bat off the flatulants
with monstrous clouts
I have to eat them
at Mum’s command
‘They’ll make you fit even when they’re bland
They’ll clean your insides –
bowels and blood
You’ll thank me in hindsight.’
‘But they taste like mud.’

“The Band” by Toni Newell

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The Band

I can hear the band playing,

The sound is very loud,

The drummer hits the cymbal,

And delights the watching crowd.

Sax and cello come in on que,

The drummer beats his drums,

Followed by the trumpet,

They are having lots of fun.

I wish I could play an instrument,

One of any kind,

For music means so much to me,

And I think to all mankind.

“My Friend the Clouds” by James Aitchison

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I can see eye to eye
with the sky,
A sea of blue stretching
wide and high.
See that castle
made from cloud?
See where other
planes have ploughed?
See those fluffy
balls of wool?
Are they empty?
Are they full?
I can see eye to eye
with the sky,
And drift to sleep as the
clouds roll by.

#Prompt 16 “Vegetables”

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Good Morning All,

We are having quite a cold snap down here in SA.

However on a positive note it’s great weather for Pumpkin soup.

Todays prompt is “Vegetables”

Can you write a poem about a vegetable? Maybe one you like or dislike.

Please send in poems this week to




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