“Cat Trick” by Monty Edwards

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Cat Trick

My cat liked to climb on my bedroom chair,

Right next to my chest of drawers.

He would spring to the chest with a mighty leap

Where he landed on all fours.

There on the top, where a mirror stood,

He looked at me, as a winner would

While he smugly licked his paws.


This was a trick hed performed before,

So I did what I had to do:

I’d found a shot of a lion’s head,

On a leaflet from the zoo.

I shaped it into the mirror’s frame:

One look would scare him and end his game,

Hed be off to his cat-a-loo!


I watched to see if hed turn his head

And hed face what was waiting there.

To see him jump promised such a treat:

The suspense would be hard to bear!

Then he turned. I could not believe my eyes:

He showed not a hint of the least surprise;

Not a bit did he seem to care.


Then as I was watching he lifted a paw

As if to greet someone he knew.

Was it his grandpa he thought that he saw?

Was he wondering just what he should do?

But stroking the lion, he shredded its face!

This meant his smug self soon appeared in its place,

As he thought: Im much smarter than you

“Internal Relection” by Julie Cahill

The kitten looked and saw

his very own reflection
But ’twas not him to others looking
in the cat’s direction
The cat had never seen himself
as no one ever does
and the lion in the mirror
wore the same beige mottled fuzz
He licked his paw
when the kitten licked
he yawned although much wider
and when they both lay down to sleep
they breached the glass divider
When they woke together
at exactly the same moment
they smiled at one another
and roared with quiet contentment

“Imagine it might happen” by Louise McCarthy


When I grow up I’m going to be an astronaut – it’s true!

I’ll visit all the planets – perhaps you could come too.

We’ll zip around the galaxy and catch a sparkling star.

We’ll send our families postcards to show them where we are.

I drew some plans the other day; I’ve begun to build our spaceship.

Would you like to help me finish it so it’s ready for our space trip?

Prompt #1 2019



I hope you have all enjoyed reading a poem a day during January.

Our first prompt this year is a picture.

What does it bring to mind?

Look at it through the eyes of a child.

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And this weeks quote by the very famous J.K. Rowling

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”