Happy New Year and a few thoughts re 2019



Happy New Year Everyone.

Thankyou for your contributions in 2018.

To date in this site we have had 1437 posts with 435,430 views.

We have 475 followers.

Gradually the number of people sending in poetry in increasing as well as a steady stream from regulars.

In 2019 I would like to encourage another increase in followers and more of a global sharing of Australian Children’s Poetry.

I will look into creating a Facebook page to further promote your poems. Thoughts?

Perhaps even start the process of publishing an Anthology of Australian Childrens Poetry?

How can you help?

Please share the link to the site with your circle of writers and readers.

If you go to a school let them know about the site.

if you have contacts in children’s poetry overseas please send me their details

If you have experience and skills in how to widen a websites  audience please share with me.

If you have advice re publishing a book please share with me.

Does anyone know of a publisher who would be interested in this?

Please email me your responses to any of these ideas.


Thankyou everyone again as we work as a team to share and promote Australian Children’s Poetry to all.

Happy New Year








4 thoughts on “Happy New Year and a few thoughts re 2019

  1. Thank you, Jeannie. Great idea.
    I’ll circulate the site again on Facebook but unfortunately I’m not familiar with too many publishers. An anthology is a brilliant idea which may sell well through the education department.
    Happy New Year and keep up the good work.
    Colossal amount of views.

    Julie Cahill

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Dear Jeanie,

    Thank your for all the hard work, care, and enthusiasm, you put into this site. I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year.

    Best wishes, Bill.

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