“How I was saved from Chocaholism” by JR Poulter

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Aunty’s got a chocolate box.

She said,”Have one or two.”

I had one wrapped in bright red foil,

And then a flowery blue.


I sucked them – oh, so slowly –

They were so VERY nice!

I thought, would Aunty REALLY mind

If I had a couple – twice?


They were the most delicious things

That I had EVER had!

Surely, if I had – just – two more

Aunt could not call me bad?


Oh, SCRUMPTIOUS!  YUMPTIOUS! There were more

That I just HAD to taste!

Why – if I left them sitting there

They MUST all go to waste!


The box was looking emptyish.

The last ones left looked lonely.

I thought that it would be QUITE wrong

To leave a couple only!


And so I ate the last ones too,

But, very strange to tell, 

They didn’t taste just quite so good,

And – I didn’t feel so well …


My tummy looked about to pop!

My throat felt – kind of queer…

My tummy started woooobelling –

I held onto the chair!


Then as I looked at the chocolate box

And wondered would I be whacked,

I remembered every gluttinous glob

And the box got its contents back -!!




Now I wont touch a chocolate,

Not a bar, a block, a bite!

I will not even look at it!

Well, at least I wont – tonight…


“The Seahorse and the Mermaid” by Madonna George

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The Seahorse and the Mermaid


The seahorse and the mermaid went  

up to the water’s edge  one day

To glimpse at the world above-

Together they winked and leapt out of the water and to golden sands they played.

They strolled in the shine of the sun, and warmed their bodies and giggled some more.

For their’s was an adventure that day

An odyssey different to the sea.


The shells they found were presents for Neptune and all the seahorses galore

that fretted and cried for seahorse’s absence.

For they were creatures of the sea

A family yet unamed by sciences and formulas


The mermaid she dipped her sunbronzed body

back into the sea and sweetly murmured to the seahorse

Wait for me!

“Me and Captain Cook” by Ron Marsh

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Captain Cook, he wrote a book,

He was extremely clever,

He wrote of his trip round the world ,

In the barque “Endeavour”.


I watched him sailing past one morn,

I waved, he did not see me.

It was a pity for me and Cook,

For I’d be in his story book.


I guess I wasn’t meant for fame,

And also not for history,

And no one ever heard my name,

I’ll always be a mystery.


“Dolls” by Ron Marsh

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I have a baby sister,

I often think she’s cute,

The way she smiles and gurgles,

And bares her one front tooth.


One day she will grow up like me,

And I am nearly eight,

Then she and I can play with dolls.

We’ll  take them out the gate.


We’ll push our strollers up and down

And we’ll go parading,

Just like little mothers,

With babies, promenading

“Sun-Star Far” by Celia Berrell

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Sun-Star Far

(distance matters) 


Our Solar Sun’s diameter’s 

four hundred times as wide as Moon’s. 

Its distance from the Earth’s about 

four hundred times as far. 


So when we look up in the sky 

at night-time then again at noon 

the Moon appears exactly as 

the same size as our star. 


Although our Sun-star’s really huge 

compared to Moon’s small sphere 

it’s far enough away from us 

to look the same down here!


“We made a promise to the Moon” by Celia Berrell

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We made a promise to the moon


The year was nineteen-sixty-nine;

the twentieth of July.

Apollo Eleven astronauts

made history on high.


Neil Armstrong, then Buzz Aldrin

left footprints in Moon’s dust.

As pioneers and heroes, 

they showed us how to trust.


The world embraced their Star-Child dreams.

A plaque was left behind.

It proudly says, “We came in peace

for all    for ALL mankind.”


“Battle of the Bulge” by Celia Berrell


Battle of the Bulge

(Earth-Moon gravity) 


Like many love relationships 

the Earth and Moon are falling out. 

Despite their great attractiveness 

there’s friction they don’t talk about. 


When first they met, they twirled and danced. 

Their gravitation’s fondness showed. 

But by degrees, as time has passed 

rotations of their dance have slowed. 


The Moon no longer pirouettes 

within her orbit round the Earth. 

Instead one side is always set 

to face the world (and watch his girth).


Their gravity distorts their crusts 

and makes them bulge at closest side. 

Earth’s oceans rise as though to thrust 

a beckoned hand to Moon’s fine pride. 


For she creates the ebbs and flows 

of all the seas that make our tides. 

But honestly, that friction slows 

her down and makes her really tired!


Four centimetres every year 

she moves away from Earth’s embrace. 

Our Moon is drifting off, I fear, 

and nothing else could take her place.


from The Science Rhymes Book – second edition (Jabiru Publishing 2018)