“Creating Fun” with Teacher Notes by JR Poulter

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Teacher Notes:


“Sharpen Up Mr Squiggle” by Jeanie Axton

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Sharpen Up Mr Squiggle


After 60 years of drawing

his nose was all but blunt

So our famous Mr Squiggle

went on a sharpener hunt


He took his rocket to the moon

with Blackboard and Miss Jane

They found a big red sharpener

and his pencils sharp again


Facebook Launch

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We have launched over the weekend to Facebook with the aim of increasing the profile of Australian children’s poetry.

In this we are showcasing creative and authentic Australian poetry by our poets.

What can you do? Please go on and like the page and then tag your circle of contacts who you think would benefit from joining our page. Both in Australia and overseas.

Please especially as well as poets, publishers etc tag teachers as Thursday each week is a poem with teacher notes.

The title of the page is Australian Children’s Poetry. It should be easy to find.






Prompt #3 “Here’s Mr Squiggle, lots of fun for everyone”

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This weeks prompt centres around a children’s TV series. Mr Squiggle was well known to many children growing up in Australia. Recently four coins have been minted to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Mr Squiggle.

The program had a variety of characters besides Mr Squiggle. These included Blackboard, Bill Steamshovel and Gus the Snail.

Below is an article on the release of the coins and an episode of Mr Squiggle to help with your writing.

Please send poems to