“Is it a Zed or a Zee” by Jan Darling




You say Potarto, I say potayto

You say tomarto and ! say tomayto

Some say Zed and some say Zee

It makes no difference, not to me.

I dreamt I went to the Zoo last night

At the end of the alphabet – I had a real fright.


Dreaming, I found the A’s B’s and C’s

and continued on past the M, N, O, P’s

I followed the way to things starting with Zed

Then all those letters just went to my head

(I had plenty of time – dream visits are free)

A stripey horse whinnied and said – I’m a Zee.


We’re the cleverest animals in all the Zoo

Let me explain to you clearly just who is who.

This is family stuff, so you must pay attention

 Zedzees can appear in any dimension

We’re a family that’s full of multiple guises

If you remember them all – there might be prizes.


My dad is a Zebra, my mother’s a Horse

That’s how I was given my name – I’m a Zorse.

That makes me special, in the Zoo I’m a feature

I’m considered to be an amazing creature.

I’m built like a Horse but I wear a striped suit

My buddies here think that I’m really cute.


If the tables were turned and a Zebra my mum

My dad would be Horse – he’d still be our chum

You might think this idea is utterly mad

The first part of my name would reflect the dad

So welcome the Horbra into our poem

And still we Zedzees have much more to show’em.


The Horbra has stripes – you don’t know where they’ll be

Could be the neck, on the back or the knee.

His patches are stripey on a background plain

So many patterns, it’s really insane.

Each Horbra is diff’rent, unique to behold

Known for his strength and inclined to be bold.


Now – back to the Zorse, you remember of course

That he’s the offspring of Zebra and Horse

He has other names, too, and I’ll tell you a few

Zebrula, Zebrule, Zebra Mule – will that do?

The Horbra by more names can also be met

Such as Hebra, Zebrinny and even Zebret.


Have you thought of the mating of Zebra with Pony?

You’ll not be surprised, their offspring’s a Zony!

Now, if you’re not feeling dizzy, woozy or wonky

We’ll talk of the offspring of Zebra and Donkey:

Called Zebadonk, Zebrass, Zebrinny, Zebrilla

Zebonkey,  Zebonk and Zonkey – the killer!


Altogether these beauties are known as Zebroid

With so many names they must always feel buoyed

Starting as donkeys, asses and zebras and horses

These all are examples of natural forces.

When you go the Zoo, start at alphabet’s ending

And you’ll see how glorious is Nature’s blending.



7 thoughts on ““Is it a Zed or a Zee” by Jan Darling

  1. Thank you Kate, Alessandra and Berenice. I love it that you enjoy reading them – I really enjoy writing them. I don’t know why I have waited so long to find something I really love doing. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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