Prompt #9 The Circus

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I hope you have enjoyed the April poems about Easter and Anzac Day. Thankyou to all who contributed, read and shared the site this month.

This weeks theme is “The Circus.” If you need a bit of inspiration go and see the latest release movie “Dumbo”.

If you have a suggestion for a prompt as we head into the colder seasons of the year please email me.

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And today’s quote from Dumbo

“Honeycomb Home” by Andrew Carter

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Honeycomb Home


Roses are red, red abuzz

With bees buzzing buzzes.

Violets are truly blue!


If Peace was made of honey

We’d each have a piece

Of harmony, both me and you.


When I send peaceful words

They don’t harm or disturb

I write, yet Im not alone.


Being born to a chalice, a buzz

Belies my writing palace,

Buzzing busily on my throne.


I consider wise words

Of kindness with mad verbs,

My honey, my peace flies home.


“In a Distant Land” by Louise McCarthy


In a Distant Land.


With a new born baby in her arms,

In a distant land men took up arms,

The mother sang a lullaby,

In a distant land a soldier cried,

In its mother’s arms the baby snuggled,

In a distant land the soldier struggled,

But his fight was lost –

And the soldier:




Deprived of life, slumped by his gun.