“Mixed bag” Week


This week we have a mixed bag of poems to read with a few following on from last weeks theme.

The following was released last week. You may like to read.


Our Facebook Page is going along nicely. It would be great to let our Facebook community know more about each of you. If any of you would like please send me a paragraph about yourself and your work. Add a photo if you want and I will showcase you on the Facebook page.



And todays quote:


2 thoughts on ““Mixed bag” Week

  1. Hi Jeanne My name is Julie Cahill and here is my bio. I was once a Murphy with the associated ‘Law,’ contributing to my writing endeavours. Comical tales and poems spurn from mishaps, and I’ve had my share and then some. I’m currently writing a sequence of novels titled ‘Ten Pound Poms,’ but am still on book one- ‘Murphy’s Law.’ Ironic, wouldn’t you say? But the irony is woven with the joys of living, with ditties popping through each day. Sharing and exchanging such thoughts is a sure way of evoking creative and wondrous poetry, and this site promotes just that. Cheers.


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