Prompt 11 #My Pet


Good Morning,

Thank you for the poems sent in recently . I am away on holidays, Long Service Leave, from the end of this week until after the long weekend in SA, the 11th of June. I have a selection of poems in the waiting room folder to call on. If you have a poem in your files you would like to send to me this week please do so.

The prompt for Monday the 10th of June is “My Pet”. Please send in humorous poems about your pet. If you don’t have one make up an imaginary pet. This gives you plenty of time to write and you can send them in any time before 11th of June. I will have Wifi while away and can save poems sent via email.

Thank you everyone

Send poems to



And today’s encouragement


3 thoughts on “Prompt 11 #My Pet

  1. Awesome Jeanie! Thanks for the great work you do, and for your patience with some of us beginner poets’ edits. I’ll check my files to do rewrites on waiting room submissions. Looking forward to the humorous pet theme; another great prompt.

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