“Ive never been in a limousine” by Pamela Ueckerman

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I’ve never been in a limousine,

But I’ve sat on the back of a horse.  

I’ve pedalled a trike and a two-wheeled bike, 

with a bicycle bell, of course.


I’ve travelled by train there and back again 

and sometimes transferred to a tram.

I’ve stood on a bus, such a terrible fuss, 

In a terrible traffic jam.


I’ve soared in a plane on a visit to Spain,

Where I paddled a river canoe.

I’ve sailed in a boat and I’ve sat on a float,

And I’ve been in a car or two.


I’ve ridden balloons over murky lagoons,

I’ve scooted, I’ve skated, I’ve cruised.

But there is a new word that I recently heard,

And it has me almighty amused.


I’m not one to brag or to wave my own flag,

And I’m not in the least particular,

But I’ve heard of this train so will someone explain,

What this thing is they call a funicular?


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